Crop Circle from August 7, 2017


I have never seen anything like this one before…  My first thought was “upcoming eclipse” ~ article alludes to this same thought too.  


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1 thought on “Crop Circle from August 7, 2017”

  1. There is something ‘off’ about this crop circle for seems to lack some precision of most of seems fuzzy ..not clear..and interesting the tree is in it the design..
    My first thoughts looked like a breast releasing breast milk to nourish the tree..what instantly I saw as earth….and slight sun rays in that ‘breast’..
    I am not sure where ,but I think I read that this happening (eclipse)is ‘early’ in the sense of the pattern of eclipses over a particular, from the beginning of this ‘hype’..I have felt..there is just tooooo much ‘hype’.
    I have also had difficulty understanding the left to right across the US.
    I think there is realllllly some kind of agenda here..not sure who’s at this point..but I betcha..somehow..some way..’they’ will make some kind of cloud cover….because this is NOT about the moon and the sun. my town in Colorado..I drove by a high school…and school is not in session yet..but in the parking lot..there were several ambulance..and fire emergency that I could see..just all of those folks firemen..and paramedics standing in the parking lot talking to each first reaction was..’what the F are they ‘preparing’ for’? this is so odd to have all of these emergency people gathered in the same spot.
    I will be glad when the eclipse is over ..that’s all I can say..cuz now..its a frenzy/DISTRACTION for some..I personally would not travel to see it..but there willll be alot of folks out and about I am sure.
    I gotta tellya I am just Sick and FN tired of LIES!!!!!!!! even if they are hidden in ‘plain sight’..why all the games..
    I would like to think ‘we’ outnumber the ones who seem to be ‘terrorizin’ the whole..but when I think about the world..and so many remote places and places like INdia where there are so many poor ..and many factions of people on the planet..who do not have access to internet and know of these times and all on many levels..well, I don’t think ‘our’ numbers are as big as we think.
    I can only hope that the energies at play are beyond the ‘knowing’ of timelines..astrology..eclipses..channeled info..and on and on and on. I can only hope..things will lift up on their own.
    Almost paradise..we have such abundance already here to make the planet an amazing place..but it is an assumption to think all are in ‘need’ of being anything different than they are..some are happy with the status quo..change is verrrry difficult for represent fear to many.
    I wonder what this eclipse et al..would be like if there were no headlines..if it just happened naturally..I wonder what its like to be on this planet in these times and be innocent pure…be in in that needs will be taken care of..I wonder.

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