What The FRIG Is Going On In Antarctica??


Over 7000 (THOUSAND) meteors detected in the past 24 hours.  !!  There is something MASSIVE next to earth with a MASSIVE gravitational pull to cause this event…  And controversial Antarctica of all places.  Something (hoping benevolent) trying to take out some bases?  Yeah, you won’t find this stuff on CNN…

I lifted the graph from this site:  http://www.antarctica.gov.au/about-antarctica/environment/atmosphere/studying-the-atmosphere/the-davis-meteor-radar

Thanks to Steve Olson, WSO, for first reporting this.

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12 thoughts on “What The FRIG Is Going On In Antarctica??”

  1. i absolutely did not edit the dates (i wouldn’t know how to do something like that) and do not tolerate people accusing me of doing something i didn’t. that is not the kind of person i am and if you were a regular visitor you would know that. i saved the image on my computer and linked it. nothing more, nothing less.

  2. You absolutely did change the dates because the original dates are 1/10/2017- 02/10/2017. I have the picture saved from the link you posted. I am a truth seeker and there are many things that ARE real that you could cover and gain respect and help to expose the truth and assist in waking humanity. Why would you resort to lies and further discrediting those of us who are actually speaking the truth? If anyone would like to see the truth just follow the link provided. This event did happen but not in the last twenty four hours.

    1. i have decided to post your comment and my follow up given you are not letting this one go. i was hoping you would see the error was on your end – not on some misleading fraud on my part. but you haven’t so here you go: you have mis-read the dates while also falsely accusing me of editing the dates (which is impossible, btw). the first date on the image i linked (and still have saved – if you wish for me to send it via e-mail privately i will) is 29/09/2017 – 30/09/2017 – which is really september 29 through september 30. the next one (that you are referring to) is shown as 1/10/2017 – 02/10/2017 – which is really the first and second of october. it’s a government agency. they use government formats for dates. this IS happening now and if you had actually done your research as a purported truthseeker you would see how this IS changing – daily – in both the dates listed and the number of counted meteors. i don’t mind being challenged or questioned on my interpretation of events/situations – but i take strong issue with being accused of deception.

      1. Omg that’s actually correct. I was also concerned about fraud or mis-information of the dates but, gov dates DO read day/month/year. It’s aggravating, like reading military time, but no fraud here. And I commend this webmaster for leaving the accusations up for everyone to read. She could easily have deleted them.

  3. Hi Victoria. I don’t understand what this is our means. Can you help a lay person understand what you mean by something massive? And take out bases? We had a couple of big event’s worldwide today. ..I just have no idea what the picture represents. What is that a picture of? Thank you so much!

    1. i’m pretty much a lay person myself – from what i have gathered meteors of this magnitude are not seen this time of year. what i have been told and what i have read over the years is that there is a lot of interesting things in antarctica (which is why it is such a restricted mass of land). i have read there is high-tech, futuristic cities (also referred to as the rainbow city) – also heard there are large beings in suspended hibernation. who knows for sure unless one has been there. i was recently told by a reader and friend that two people he knows have been to one of these high-tech cities and your essence (or energy signature as i refer it to) responded to the frequencies of the city. i would say – and this is just what i feel at this moment given the information i have gleaned – is that these unusual number of meteors are revealing what has been hidden. i encourage you to research the topic of antarctica if you want to learn more. there is a lot of info (you tube has some good videos i have seen this past year). thank you for stopping by. 🙂

  4. I have always believed that we have not been taught the “real history” of humanity, there are too many loose ends and unexpalainable facts and artifacts and Lore that point to an esoteric Lore not made common to the public in general, I am already 67 so Pray, where can I find the truth about it all.
    Regards, Joe (Argentina, Peru, USA)

    1. the more i search, the more i question the concept of truth. it really does seem to be different for everyone. but indeed yes we have not been taught our real history. i feel we have that truth at the cellular level. thank you for stopping in and commenting. 🙂

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