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I was speaking with a friend today who is struggling every bit as much as I am financially.  She cannot afford her apartment, cannot afford to move even though for health reasons she needs to as the place is moldy.  These things fire me UP.  I want to help her.  I want to help her NOW and it enrages me inside that I have the desire to and yet I am as stuck as she is for a solution.

I was sharing with her my thoughts and opinions on what I see happening. What I desire to see happen.

What I INTEND to happen.

She listened, nodding and then asked the million dollar question ~ the same one I have asked the ascension/lightworker community without a response (who say we must get away from money and not focus on it for it is dark and has created the destruction and suffering):  What do people who need the financial relief do NOW?  What do we do in this NOW moment given money is still required to house/feed oneself?

Argh ~ that frustration is so palpable for me.

Later in the day, I was told my ability to apply for winter heating assistance won’t be happening until the end of February.  I have been making regular attempts to reach these people for the past month – phone calls/messages, e-mails sent.  Today I finally connected.  Sorry, no appointments available until the end of February.

How will I pay my winter heating bills?  I asked.  And why didn’t anyone call me back or e-mail me?

Yes, I know they are overloaded with people in need.  I GET that.

And yet again – what do we do in the NOW moment?

All those preaching on letting money go – who have it/have found financial success in this system – could be doing more by sharing what they have.

Isn’t that what Love does?

Love helps.

Love shares.

Create a FUND already.  DO something.  Find people in need and give them a financial blessing.

Ah, let it go, let it go, let it go, I hear within.  All is well in this NOW moment.

Trust and know all is well.  Know.  Feel.  Trust.  And allow.

To which I also wish to say – tell that to the homeless person who has nowhere to sleep because the local shelter’s are either full or don’t let anyone in until it reaches 30 degrees.  A crime, imho.

This system needs to change and change NOW and I am fed fed fed fed UP with waiting.

Share this with all in your spiritual community.  I watch enough channels to know there are people in the Spiritual Communities who are doing quite well.

Share the love.  Spread it.

There is enough for us ALL – NOW.  This has been stated over and over again.

So ok then.  Time to walk the talk, loves!

Presented with as much respect as my distressed heart can share~




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3 thoughts on “Getting Help In This NOW Moment ~ A Collective to the Ascension/Spiritual Communities”

  1. I feel ya sister! It’s going to be quite some time before we are ready to let money go… I don’t follow your blog with any regularity so I have no idea on how well you practice the Law of Attraction, however, that’s where I would start. Do your best to acknowledge your frustration and when you feel it dissipate, find ANYTHING that you can be grateful for to help you come to a higher vibration, then get clear about what you want for yourself but leave the “how” up to the Universe. Make sure you phrase it in the positive, then let it go out to be “worked on” and follow whatever signs/intuition/guidance you get. TRUST that help is on the way… I’ve seen miracles happen. You KNOW that God would never let you down and that everything that happens is for the greater/our good. I’m sure you know all this but it never hurts to get a reminder! Right? lol I’ve seen intel recently that the RV is about to be released… yeah, I hear ya… it’s been “about to happen” for years now! lol Would you like me to send you the articles I’ve read that I’ve saved? Just email me and let me know. Here to help however I can. I’ve gotten over my $$ worries (finally) and I’ve gotten to the point where I DO trust that I’m “taken care of”. Took me a long time to get myself there but I did it so I know you can too! Love you!

    1. thank you. it does take awhile to get to that place where you are in the natural state of knowing you are taken care of. i’m getting there. i needed the reminder to find the gratitude in the moment no matter how small – i know all of this. all part of my journey of remembering to respond instead of react. i need this one tatooed on the back of my hands. 🙂 i appreciate your words and for stopping in. yes – the RV – nesara and the like – i was really into it for awhile but now i do my best to just observe as i am not convinced this is “of the light” but perhaps another control system – just w/fancy ribbons to draw us in. blessings to you. 🙂

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