Is January 7, 2018 The Real Dawning of the Age of Aquarius?


I have been reading where tomorrow dawns the age of Aquarius.  According to the astrology in this video, since the release of the song “Age of Aquarius” in 1969, this astrological configuration (Jupiter and Mars being in alignment, the moon in the 7th house of Virgo) has only occurred twice, with January 1998 being the last.  Interesting that it is happening again in the month of January.  (I knew there was a reason I picked January as the month to enter this dimension.)  

Many believe the song was more than just some hippy new age peace and love song.  I am one such believer.  And while I don’t rely on tools such as astrology anymore, nor do I believe in the heliocentric model, I do feel, however, truth can be found even in deception…

Will this time around be different than in past configurations?  Given the Schumann Spikes this past year, as well as humanity’s awakening, the guidance of Higher Selves speaking of this Event/Solar Blast coming between now and March, plus just a “feel”, I believe it may be the dawning of the new.  Let’s make it so!

Enjoy the video!  And of course I had to include Age of Aquarius/Let The Sunshine video.  That song gives me chills.  Close your eyes and as the melody changes and the lyrics sing “Let The Sunshine In”, imagine the energy of the central sun, the Christed Energies, flowing into your Being, further awakening you fully and beautifully.  


“Age of Aquarius” Alignment January 7, 2018 – RARE!

Published on Nov 8, 2017

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2 thoughts on “Is January 7, 2018 The Real Dawning of the Age of Aquarius?”

  1. By your saying that: “speaking of this Event/Solar Blast coming between now and March” you mean March 1 as end or 31 March? Asking for clarification.
    On Cobra blog in some of his posts in autumn 2017 (cannot remember exactly) some people were commenting that they also felt Event would occur next year in spring or close to it. I also had for like 2 years visions of this Event happening in pre/spring weather and now Im more leaning for end of January or 9th april (dont know why this date lol). But its make me happy more people have close/similar experience/guidance to me.

    Also if you would look at 31 January:

    We have at that time a Blue Moon(+ SuperMoon) and Total lunar eclipse with make moon red. So a good day for some light action. And this is second supermoon in January.

    Shumman past year was insane, otherwise what I call “white pillars” that with straight lines, and those white explosions, I had never saw those other kinds of lines like those who you also pointed out on your blog. I dont recall them appering in 2016 or 2015 so those are appearing of something certain new.

    Hope we all are right about this, and coming end/restart.

    1. well my feel is late jan/early feb, some late feb/early march and allison coe’s clients said january – march which i concludes means end of march. and yes – that blue moon on january 31st. and as you said the schumann spiking last year for the first time (according to those who have monitored it) to levels unprecedented – and continuing off and on – put it all together and there ya go. a recipe for a big shift. 🙂

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