My Message To The People Who Do Not Support Trump


For the first time in my voting life, I am afraid.  Afraid to speak my truth around those who do not support Trump.  Afraid to say that overall, I like what he says.  I like many of his plans.  I like the fact that he really is focused on jobs in America and came in with a plan.  With many of them. I am open and mature enough to look past convenient media sound-bytes. I am open and mature enough to accept we all have issues, biases and the like.

I am afraid to express my thoughts on Hillary. I am afraid to say I believe she is a criminal.

I am afraid to say I do not support the mainstream media.  I am afraid to say I believe they grossly and blatantly showed their pandering support for Hillary and gave Trump a very unfair and inaccurate representation.

I am one of the most open-minded human beings you will meet.  I support equal and fair rights for ALL humanity.  I believe things such as housing and food and water and education are Rights and need not be based upon one’s ability to pay.  In fact I support a society that does not operate on the use of money.  I support the right of people to live freely and openly and safely as they deem fit.  I support the use of alternative technology (free energy and healing frequency machines for example) and abhor the oil, gas, and nuclear crap as well as pharmaceutical medications and western-based medicine we have been enslaved with.  I abhor how we have pillaged and damaged our environment in spite of the numerous and ever-growing regulations.  And I absolutely do not believe the government knows what is best for me, my family or ANY of you.

I continually run into people in my town and the talk inevitably turns to politics.  Immediately this sense of violent hatred and fear enter the people’s voices just at the mention of Trump’s name.  These people are so locked into their obsession with their distaste of him, having fallen victim to the mainstream media’s use of trickery and propaganda, they are not open in the SLIGHTEST to hearing anything outside of their pov.

However, I listen to what they have to say and just refuse to comment.


Because, as I said, I am afraid.

Not afraid of what I think and feel and believe.

I am afraid of their attacks.  I am afraid of their violence.  Their assumptions.

In a nutshell, for the first time I can recall, I am afraid to discuss politics. I have had two occasions where I showed a very benign response to Trump’s politics, showing support on a couple of his ideas, and you would have thought I had just finished physically assaulting them.  The response was that volatile.

This behavior is absolutely inexcusable.  

It is my wish humanity take a big breath and chill.  And take some time to actually explore other sources of information other than the mainstream media.

This country belongs to all of us.  Those who voted for Hillary.  Those who voted for Trump.  Those who voted for someone else.  Those who didn’t vote at all.  If we wish to have peace, we must have peace within our own hearts and share that peace with others.

For respectful, thoughtful disagreement is one thing.  Violence and threats and disrespect is altogether another.

We are one heart.  One life.

Just something to think about next time you meet up with a Trump supporter.  Be kind.  Be respectful.  Let yourself listen to their words. There might be something in there worth listening to.


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Author: Victoria1111

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11 thoughts on “My Message To The People Who Do Not Support Trump”

  1. Hi Vicki,
    Your experiences are the reasons why I don’t discuss anything pro-Trump with anyone who I don’t know what their thoughts are on him. The fear, hatred and firestorm against Trump are palpable in the U.S. My zipped lips are because it’s almost like I have a WWII fear of the Nazis regarding the anti-Trumps. And we don’t hear much pro-Trump in the news. I think that the public who could be interviewed and many in the media don’t want the backlash. And many are paid off too. But I also think/feel that there’s other things going on behind the scenes that are contributing to the whole mess of demonizing Trump and stirring up so much hatred. I knew that when Hillary lost the election, that she would be regrouping and building up an arsenal of assault on Trump. She usually doesn’t do well with loss, and she is one for getting back at others who crossed her. For her to have quietly gone off into the sunset is definitely not her style. And then today, I read a few articles about George S*ros. How it looks to some that he probably has a big part to play in these matters. How he funded millions? to the DNC and with HRC losing, that he probably has some vengeance on Trump, as it seems from what the writer said. One article said that he funded the Women’s March, which I don’t know if that’s true.

    I want to add something. During the election campaign, I felt strongly (and so did others that I talked to) that Clinton was going to win. I, along with others, even those who commented on the news, could not believe that Trump won. That made me think that there was something fishy going on. I think that there were some energies sent out from who-knows-who to plant within our psyches of their intended scenario that HC will be the winner. I really do. And, that also made me realize that we are more powerful than ‘they’ think that we are, and what we think we are, since what we thought would happen, didn’t, and instead, went the way of our powerful intentions as a collective (looking back on it now, I feel the fear mentality around the thought that she was going to win which I think came from outside me).

    Anyway, the energies are strong and sometimes strange these days. The anti-Trumps are a great example of it. So I get what you’re saying here, Vicki.


    1. t/y for your validation irene. where i live – i think there may be 5 people who are at least open to trump and open to giving him a chance. obviously i don’t know the numbers – i just feel that energy out there – and actually feel fear in sharing my thoughts. those energies, yes, are purging things for all of us – which is creating all sorts of chaos as we are seeing. good to hear from you. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this…my sentiments exactly. I feel i can no longer hold a real, truly informed coversation with anyone who watches TV period. I have not owned a TV for almost 20 years now. Everyone, throw away the brainwashing device and do your own research.

    1. exactly matt. that’s what i say – do not just blindly believe what i am saying – research it. how on earth can one hold a valid opinion if their only source of information is mainstream media?

      1. Yes Victoria! I like to look at all sides from the “biggest picture” perspective and then synthesize a holistic opinion by also integrating my intuitive “gut feelings” coming from the “belly brain”. I’m glad I found your site and will continue to check back in. Thanks again.

        1. thanks for visiting and commenting, matt. i try and do the same as well when coming up with my own conclusions on an issue – always knowing though that my perception may very well change.

  3. Thank you, Victoria.
    I guess, I am very fortunate, I do not have encounters like that. But I have a husband who hates Obama. So, I just live as an observer. I do not participate in any conversations about politics. Sananda and other Ascended Masters asked us to be an observer, to send our love to everyone to create love energy field on our planet. That is our mission, at least at this time of change over from old world to new. I didn’t vote neither for Trump or Hillary. I new that is all fake. But since inuguration day I have been feeling so very happy more than ever before, it comes from inside. I trust Divine. I thank Creator for the honor to be here Now. We lightworkers have to be above all the drama. Our world depend on us.
    We are divine beings, we are Gods and Goddesses, we have love power to turn our world into divine paradise.
    Love and Blessings to all.

    1. yes diana – we are all divine and that’s what we are working on remembering – our divinity. thank you for your beautiful words. i as well have felt lighter/happier – certainly easier to be more positive since inauguration day. in fact when i woke up the next morning, i felt giddy. light. as though the collective had turned “closer” to light. but going to the store i was the only one as my town overwhelmingly voted for hillary (as did my state actually). their sadness was palpable – and yet here i was, walking in, smiling, greeting others – who i could tell were likely thinking “why in the hell is she so happy??” so i used it as a chance to just reassure everyone – we are sovereign – we are self-governing – and we are still powerful to create the reality and systems we want. yeah well that didn’t really resonate at the time. but that’s ok. it is getting easier for me – overall – to just stay in my own truth – without this incessant need to convert or awaken. i say “overall” because i do still have my moments. peace to you and thanks.

  4. Wonderful to hear! Thank-you for voicing your true feelings.

    I too have been afraid to speak about my support of Trump and a feeling of optimism. I believe to numerous metaphysical and goddess-empowerment type groups…all of which I believe should support all beings (male and female), as well as other forms of life and the planet. The women’s leaning groups have been completely polarized to Hillary. It’s scary that maybe 1 in 100 of women in these groups seem to see things my way. I too believe Hillary is crooked, and would have caused no change whatsoever, and maybe made things worse. No one wants to hear it! At least Trump is transparent, and even if he is not a professional politician, I believe he is sincere in wanting to do good things!

    I don’t want to attack anyone…I just want to offer optimism that if we all work together, even if our person didn’t win, we can make great changes that benefit all people!

    Alas, I people have either attacked my point of view, or have ignored me completely for fear of a conflict, no doubt.

    Thank-you again. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.


    1. and it is nice to know i am not alone either! had another experience earlier this evening. it still surprises me how much hatred people have not just for trump – but how they will use that hate and be disrespectful to those they claim to love and/or care about. thoughtful and passionate if need be dialogue is productive until disrespect enters the picture. then it isn’t worth the time engaging.

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