Thoughts Of A Weary Starseed Human – A Continuation


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Yes, it is me, the weary starseed human, back at it again.  This time my beef is with deception.  There seems to be a lot of it – some among the community of folks who claim to be of the Light.

But are they?

Take this NESARA/GESARA topic.  There are millions of us asking “If this is real, when is it going to manifest?”  This woman has been intending it daily, all year.  There are people who are given free space on websites to spout their predictions and their promises, all of which come and go.  Then when we are told we must be patient, well, if you read my original piece, you know my thoughts on that whole patience thing.  When it comes to awaiting our debt jubilee and financial freedom from not just this lifetime of economic enslavement but LIFETIMES of it, well our patience is up.  People are losing their homes, their savings, their lives – right now – all because of this enslavement.  If this is really going to be happening, DO IT NOW.  Please.  If this is nothing but a scam, a hoax, let’s stop feeding it.  Let’s stop reading about it.  And website owners, please stop giving these folks an audience.  At the very least say “no more free space on my site until your promises manifest.”  Simple enough, right?

Nibiru.  Wormwood.  Planet X.  Lots of names for something that I intuitively believe is an inner-dimensional craft that is here for our Ascension.  Yes, it is causing some chaos.  Yes, it isn’t going to meet up with us without some destruction.  But catastrophic?  Global planetary destruction?  I’m not feeling it. But, as we all know, lots of money is to be made off of fear-mongering.  I am always, ALWAYS very dubious of these folks saying “Nibiru is coming! Destruction will ensue.  Chaos!  Death!” which is then often followed by a link that says “Buy my product to protect your family NOW!”.  I’ve even seen one such site actually stop selling one of their products and instead go onto another product.  For you see, Nibiru had suddenly gone from a catastrophic threat to our friend.

I wonder if the site owner offered a refund to those who bought the first product. You know, since they no longer need it.

But I digress.

Then there is the whole RV/GCR story.  And yes it is indeed a story to me at this point.  Oh, it would be a wonderful thing, like NESARA.  But how many years – yes YEARS – do we have to listen to this same ‘ole story before someone (like me!) calls FOUL.

And then what about this infighting among those in this currency situation.  This side of the coin says WE ARE TELLING THE TRUTH.  We are the real bearers of this gift.  The other side says the same thing.


It is one thing to make a mistake or an error in judgment.

It is quite another to intentionally mislead people.  People have been unnecessarily suffering for far too long at the hands of some very dark psychopaths for whom, if I had my say, would spend some time in solitude confinement with hungry, man-eating snakes.

However, since I am a Starseed Human, I must focus on forgiveness.

But I am also human.  And as I said in my original piece, I am weary.

I am weary of deception.

I am weary of glorious promises that fail to transpire.

I am weary of seeing these folks receive internet attention.

I am mostly weary of carrying the feeling in my heart that so many good people, myself included, have followed such stories only to be filled with unnecessary moments of fear.  To have our hearts bright with anticipation only to be disappointed.

Love acts the moment it sees pain and suffering.  Love never says “I see your suffering.  I will be with you on this date.”  And never shows.  And offers some excuse.

Perhaps I am completely off on all of this.  In fact, I hope I am.  I deeply do.

In the meantime, using discernment, I remain dubious.

But as always, with a hopeful heart.

I may be weary, but I am still a Starseed.  And always will be.


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7 thoughts on “Thoughts Of A Weary Starseed Human – A Continuation”

  1. my god are we same soul group?? everything words you said is exactly how i feel this life, i am so lonely and weary like an orphan abandoned by the parents , feeling lost and desperately looking for the right path and the beacon light… basically i feel betrayed by the own soul group lost in this mission… where is our backup? where are they when we most needed help now?? finally i thought the whole reincarnation is a f–king trap, forever putting us in the loophole non stop so that we cant finish our mission, a never ending game….. the games has to be ended now, no more coming back as human unless i see the changes….

    1. This article resonates with me on a deep level and the author said everything that I feel as well. Although, I am not a starseed, to my knowledge. I am WEARY. I am TIRED and I am WORN! Precious Lord take my hand! I feel like I had been led to believe certain things by the divine to be aware that things in our world are not what they seem to be. I have been learning things over my lifetime, as we all do, but in the past 15 years I have gone down the rabbit hole to all these other esoteric and metaphysical subjects. Certain things resonate with me and others do not. I think certain people in this “community” if you want to call it that, are authentic and others are full of bullshit. It’s so hard to try to discern all the information. And I like everyone else, read and hear all these things and then NOTHING happens. NOTHING! My religion of birth and family is southern Baptist and I am a homosexual in this lifetime. I have been conflicted so many times over that in my life and been in and out of the closet. I guess you could say I am in the closet now and felt like it doesn’t really matter at this point. I just want to be a loving, kind and compassionate person to people from all walks of life, whether we have the same belief system or not. We are all part of the One Infinite Creator. But when nothing happens, and I have no proof at all these things that people say are going to happen, I start to wonder, if I have haven’t been mislead. Do I have the devil sitting on my shoulder? And maybe I should abandon all of my current belief systems and go back to the church. At least then, I would have an insurance policy, and I would have a community and loving and kind people, for the most part. Right now I live all alone and don’t have anyone in my life I can talk about these things. I feel very isolated. It’s hard to connect with people, because most people are so into, materialism and “fluffy” meaningless things. They don’t want to talk about anything profound or meaningful. I too am desperate for a beacon of light.

      1. jayson~ be yourself. i have learned (and it took me decades) that i would rather be alone and ME than surrounded by others and NOT me. a fake me. you have already awakened to who you are – and honestly there is no going back. i have wanted too as well over the years – go back to old relationships, etc. just so i would feel like i had others around me. but i knew that wouldn’t resonate with me. and my inner peace with ME is more important than anything else. blessings to you and t/y.

  2. Thank you for this article…I feel the same way you do about this subject. I have know in my sub-conscious and heart that this was suppose to happen years and years ago, but it didn’t…vibration level wasn’t right. Now all we see is guessing games as to when things will happen or NOT. No PROOF. It use to be that if you were not sure, you should say nothing at all…not give false hope, which they seem to do all the time nowadays. I am sad for all the people that are in dire straits. IMHO, this delaying after delaying and not getting it done is just as bad as what the cabal has been doing all these hundreds of years.

  3. So what is next? Since the election is over and Trump won (probably part of a different mob than the cabal) I wonder what is gonna happen with the cabal? Are they going to linger with their icky sticky tentacles into everything like they have since Albert Pike and before or are they going to get revealed and sent to jail like the rest of us would have. They should have to go to guantanamo and get what every one else would get for treason. Actually they are proven to be into pedophile and drugs and guns and isis aka alqueda aka US shadow gov…the fbi and every one knows this so will they still be put out there for all to see or what. That is my worry now.
    Guess we will just have to wait and see and NOT worry. I hope that number ONE they STOP SPRAYING THE SKY!!!!

    So whats the deal with in the bible it says “ask and you shall receive”…I have been asking for my soul source to step up and guide me and or the others that are OVER THERE watching and either I am to busy with everything here to pay attention or ….what…..

    ANYway, here is what the Universe said this morning and I AM SOOOOOO thankful for the Universe (SOURCE), can someone help me connect with it…….

    UNIVERSE from
    It’s kind of like everyone’s now in the winner’s circle of the Universe, living in time and space upon the crown jewel of all creation, planet earth. And that they earned this right through various and assorted unremembered heroics in another realm of reality.

    But now, having forgotten this, instead of rejoicing at the glory of their bounty, indulging in the dance of life, and thriving with dominion over all things, they begin taking notice of who lives in a bigger house, drives a faster car, or has more songs on their iPod. Forgetting, even, that their simple presence in this bastion of order, beauty, and perfection is a far greater accomplishment than anything that might subsequently happen upon it.

    The Universe

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