Weary Starseed Human Gets More Insights and Shares Them With You

life-e1427460354744Earlier today someone on my facebook feed posted the question, “What if life is really like the movie The Truman Show”?  Interesting question – one I have asked myself.  Later this evening, as I watched a video on Tesla, a clip from The Truman Show was presented, making the comparison that our Reality is a giant illusion just as presented in the movie.  I had also heard today that Antartica is an illusion but a further explanation was not forthcoming, so naturally I was intrigued to learn more.  The Universe helped me with this.

Later in the evening I tried accessing Antarctica on google maps with the “earth image” option.  However doing so I was told the entire continent has no images for me to zoom in on.  Universe wasn’t done yet helping me out.  If that weren’t enough, a friend of mine just “happened” to inform me a brief time later that viewing Antartica on google earth, when viewed from underneath or the bottom of the earth, you cannot see the rest of the earth.

When the Universe speaks to me in duplicate or triple, I know to pay attention – especially when it is combined with numerical patterns, which today was INSANE with them.  111, 1122, 1211, 311, 911, 1111 – you name it folks I have been seeing the #11 everywhere I look and today was off the charts.  Also had a paranormal experience that we refer to as “ding dong ding dong”.

I am going to risk my reputation (as though I have one – LOL) and say the following.  Well wait, let me first quote Tesla instead then I will give you my theory of what’s going to happen with these incoming energies, especially the one expected to hit within the next 6-7 days.

NIKOLA TESLA: “Earth is a realm, it is not a planet. It is not an object, therefore, it has no edge. Earth would be more easily defined as a system environment. Earth is also a machine, it is a Tesla coil. The sun and moon are powered wirelessly with the electromagnetic field (the Aether). This field also suspends the celestial spheres with electo-magnetic levitation. Electromag levitation disproves gravity because the only force you need to counter is the electromagnetic force, not gravity. The stars are attached to the FIRMAMENT.”

Makes you question your reality doesn’t it?  I know when I have watched the skies, for years I have felt I am inside of some dome, a part of some experiment, and the stars and planets are not at the distance NASA and mainstream scientists claim.  That intuitive feeling (of which I have a Phd in) has lead me to others who share the same pov – only these folks back up things with real science and awesome, thought-provoking questions.

The “veil” between dimensions has been weakening.  Both science and spirituality tells us that.  That is why we are seeing more “strange” things – unicorns, dragons, even the object Nibiru.  UFO sightings are off the charts as well – begging the question: are some of them, perhaps most, dimensional as well? Heck, a friend of mine insists she and her friend saw a werewolf this past summer.  She is not one to lie much less exaggerate.  All previous examples I believe are dimensional objects that we are finally being privy to seeing because of this weakening.  Each energetic wave, or pulse, whatever you wish to call it, weakens the energy grid between the dimensions.  Those who are more “awake”, thus operating at a different vibrational frequency from those who are still in slumberland, are more likely to have such experiences.  Speaking for myself, the more I have expanded my mind, the more out-of-the-norm experiences I have had.

So without further ado, do you want to know what I think is going to happen with this incoming blast of plasma energy? The big one? The mother of all energy blasts that has even system scientists worried?

The grid is gonna collapse and we’re gonna see the truth of where we are.

What say you fellow travelers?

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10 thoughts on “Weary Starseed Human Gets More Insights and Shares Them With You”

  1. Bring it on, past me would say that im waiting for those plasma wave. But now it… I feel so much love like my modus operandi complete change or more likely was restored to whom it was, always was. Welp i want to experience that wave just to see how much love i could conduct in earth grind.

  2. Very thought provoking. Certainly, this current “reality” construct presents to its participants very little logical sense. It has been imposed upon we sentient beings by something or someone. I, for one , am a truth seeker. Let the veil dissolve, the truth be known and the games end/begin!

    1. Totally resonate fellow truth seeker. Reminds me of that tv show – extreme home makeover – at the end the anticipation builds and everyone shouts “move that bus!” Only in this instance, it is “REMOVE THE VEIL”.

  3. I enjoy raising my frequency immensely…I AM THE LIGHT! All electrons merely swim in His Light, no divisions, no borders, ALL ONE GLORIOUS OCEAN OF LIGHT, UNITY, God’s Creation. Thank you, Source, for all additional LIGHT Energy blasts))) Thank you, Enerchi for your excellent support and insights ))) God BLESS ALL OF US )))

  4. I think that once we start thinking all these things we cause our own box..we must build this as we go along w/communication and others added forethought..actually we just need to let things unfold..we already know thAT its always going to be the best..and better..as we are so advanced, and as we all turn to that and let go of what we had to go thru..forgive..the vision is opening into view..ALLOW….THE WONDERS OF THE UNIVERSE, EXPERIENCE.FLOW..LOVE..ENJOY, GRATITUDE..AND PRAISE..SO IT IS! enjoy the miracles, and magic…yes yes

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