Wow! Or “What’s Happening To Me??!!”


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I don’t know if I am uniting more fully, incorporating my multi-dimensional Selves or I am simply allowing them to become One with all of who I am, human and otherwise.  I am having these experiences where I am seeing and sensing what I have been calling and continue to call the matrix energies.  The false programming.

I am strongly feeling the “wait until” program is one of these false programs.

I am equally feeling the “we must be x y z” and DO “x y z” before we are liberated from it.

Everything is energy, right?  Frequencies.  All life forms, even the ones we call/label as “fake”.  So perhaps there is authentic and fake energies?  I don’t know.  Will have to sit with that one for now.

I had the feeling experience and quiet little thought this morning – could there be an Ascension matrix program?

This energy field, program, likely knows it will be ending.  And like ALL life, whether it is AI or “real” as in human with Soul, etc. it wants to survive. And it senses its demise.  And even though it “knows” the end result, it is trying to keep as many of us here for just a little while longer.

I have long felt and believed, contrary to many who have disagreed with me and attempted at times to instill fear in me by telling me I’m delusional or trapped in the ego, that we “fell” (or pushed as one friend recently said) quite quickly and thus can rise as quickly.

We are multi-dimensional Beings, right?  This means we can reside in different dimensions with different frequencies?  And I KNOW to Who I Am one of our inherent abilities is the ability to travel between these dimensions.

Is it possible that all of these complex rules we have been told signify we are going through Ascension, these should’s and should not’s, are just another matrix program?

Source is LOVE.

Source wants to be FREE.

Source doesn’t communicate with me “you HAVE to do this before you are One With Me”.  Source shares with me to just BE.  Allow.  Trust.

Since ALL is already existing, we have the ability to “GO” – to transform – to this particular realm we each desire, right?

When people say “Source is in charge of the flash” I say “WE ARE SOURCE”.

Don’t we have control over this?  Why is this desire to actually be in charge of our life experience always attributed to the ego?  Is this another matrix program?

I remember, more fully than ever, being in COMPLETE control of my experience as Source in Body.  I was in “control” of how I looked.  When I say “control” this equates to the truth that I created FULLY without interference ~ perhaps that is more appropriate than using the term “control” which so many have an issue with ~ another “something” to look at.  I fully created, without interference, how “long” I stayed in my body. What I did.  Absolute freedom.  That is what Source is.  Source doesn’t say “hey come on and take away my ability to create.  Limit me.  Control me.  Let me fall.  Let me go through an experience of lessons and rules you have to master before you have your liberation.”  That is a VERY uncomfortable experience.  WHO WOULD CHOOSE SUCH AN EXPERIENCE CONSCIOUSLY? Only a being who would wish to violate the freedom’s in another.

If this game (illusion) of separation is ending then why would anyone say “Source is in charge of this.”  That in and of itself implies separation.

I have been having experiences lately, as has my mate, where we are in a new realm.  He is in a center being restored and healed.  My girl and I visit.  I am already undergoing any necessary physical healing but do not need to be in a healing center full-time.  His health problems are more complex and “serious” so this makes “sense”.  As I shared in a previous piece on “my first few days of being in the new earth realm”, there was only myself and my girl in the house.  We both see it.  We feel it.  We can therefore manifest it as we need and want.

I choose to transform.  I choose to transform out of this low density realm. Yesterday.  lol  I truly wish to be free from this low thick icky density.  I want to be returned to my Rightful State of Wholeness.

I truly wish to have REAL connections with others. Oh god I want to be liberated from the land of the zombies!!!  There, I said it!  But that is what it feels like to me.  I don’t want to judge.  It is a deep observation I hold.  lol  If I have another experience where I attempt to have a heart-ful and heart-centered conversation with someone and get the glazed over “there is nobody home” look, I may just scream.  Or perhaps I will gently place my hands on their shoulder’s and smile and say “remember who you are.  You are waiting to return home.”

Oh wow.  That could be beautiful.  I imagine the possibilities of that one…

I can feel it.

Perhaps I need to put less energy into “escaping” the matrix, describing my symptoms and stuff like that, engaging in bitch and moan moments, and focus more energy/attention into BEING all that I wish to see and all I want and desire.

Oh I know, that wouldn’t give me much to talk about here ~ at least it would change up the experience ~ perhaps a useful idea.  Imagine if all of the Ascension-type bloggers suddenly stopped using so many words.  Stopped talking about the gateways opening and all that, the physical symptoms. Stopped talking about waiting and lessons and patience and “WHEN” is this “event” going to happen?

Source says the game is over.  Now.

We are Now liberated.  All who wish to join may join in.

For Source says ALL have the freedom to make his/her own choice(s) to LIVE BE FEEL EXPERIENCE DO.

Without interference… of any kind.


Thank you for your awesome support of these words I type up, of the stories I share, of my heart that I put “out there”, in the only way I know how.




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10 thoughts on “Wow! Or “What’s Happening To Me??!!””

  1. Yes, we are moving from a 5D malevalantly controlled matrix, to a 7D benevelently controlled matrix, with a 9th D supervision. This isn’t for the sake of starseeds as much as it is for the rest of underdeveloped humanity. There are many souls that have been created and only incarnate here in this matrix, they will need a period of adjustment to aclemate into the higher dimensions. The 7D matrix will be controlled by the pleadians and volunteers from other races, they will be supervised by the arcturians in the 9D.

  2. wow, this article is so good Im at lose of word.
    For me suddenly many people like Cobra, Kauiliapelle, Corey, Wilcock stop resonating. Now this look like cheap masquarade for me.
    Any kind of talking this or that information is classified, its not in higher interest to share it etc. is bullshit. Like even what you say is right then posting this on blog on internet when the so called “dark/cabal etc” (Even if they exist lol) already know,
    Never ending frustration with them: “hey im gonna tell you about this operation, its name is…(fill in blank what you find in wikipedia under term mitology) but I cannot say what is about. ok? Then you can ask me question, unrelated about topic but I will answer its “classified”. Till this day I cannot get any accurate information from those “whisteblower” about sexual energy. Where it come from, how to use it, how its disorted, are gays natural or not, how to heal it, how to use it to manifest etc. basic questions. No answer.
    Its not related to liberation process (whatever), but no, no answer, its classified. HOW THE HELL ANSWER ABOUT SEX, MASTURBATION AND RELATED TOPIC IS CLASSIFIED, COBRA? god damn!
    And those never ending parade of meditation right now, uhh, meditation for this, that portal, that leyline, goddess, natural disaster, toplet bombs, cabal, etc. WeloveMassMediation was a good idea but seeing as how its develop right now, in my opinion its those more charm then good, dividing attention with non stop changing meditations.
    Next portal Im gonna open will be my sink since its choke today.

    Victoria, you right about our beings multidimensional we exist in many dimension, we not powerless. I dont get it how we are in this mess. We were told this gonna be rollercoster, instead we are send in spaceship. I dont need to open anything, anyone, to manifest what I want. And I WANT to manifest end of this nonsens right now.

    I feel since half month, since my sleep pattern change that I dont feel attracted to global liberation stuff. This those end. When? I dont know. But NOW I only feel attracted to engage in human experience in this 3D:

    Sorry If this looks negative, but Im venting here. Im happy to see others, not “enlightened” others have close feelings to me.

  3. Hi Victoria and All,

    I am truly happy that other Ascended Masters share my experience. From the 5D world, and then out of time and space, out of 15D Matrix, I was sent down to the 3D Matrix. Why? For how long? How do I exit it as soon as possible? It really feels like a prison. It feels cruel.

    No Higher Message resonate with me. It all feels false. What do I tell my Students? If you follow your Heart, the Guidence of Your Highest Self, when you complete the inner work, when you leave everything and all for the Sacred Path of Divine Love, when you pass all the lessons, you will return to the prisoner 3D Matrix.

    Great motivation!

    I feel confused what this is all about. It makes no sense to me. The Message that came to me was that the next step is to help all the 144 me who leave in other timelines to fully Ascend. The timelines have merged, so many of us experience in this Life the experiences of YOU living in lower dimensions in past lives. Of course there are no past lives, everything is happening in the now moment.

    So my question is “Why is it so challenging, heavy and difficult?” Why in one lifetime I need to clear all Lifetimes and Realities? This is so overwhelming. It is too much. Who designed this? For what purpose? To prove what?

    How do I make all me living in lower timelines and dimensions to Ascend to the 5D level or Higher?

    This can only be done if my Highest Self lives in my Body, guides me, direct me, and if My Highest Self feeds me with Light and Love, with Source energy.

    This can only be done if my Highest Self shows me the way through these lower timelines and dimensions so I can quickly and easily move forward.

    Is this happening? NO!!!!!!

    The process feels chaotic, unstable, unsupported, cruel and strange.

    What is the point of sending Highly Eveloved Humans to the levels of density where the Beings are NOT ready for the lesson?

    Why this 3D Earth experience is nothing but a struggle? Where is Joy, Love, Ease, Harmony, Peace? For unconscious Beings, it is as it is. They accepted it because the religion says they must suffer. For a Divine Human, it is unacceptable, unbearable, strange.

    We the Ascended Beings can NOT go back to the 3D world. The 3D Matrix does not serve a Fully Awake Ascended Divine Human Being.

    So why we are here? The Students are not ready for the Teaching. Are we going to send a tsunami on them so they leave the Earthplane? Are we going to send a tsunami of Love on them which they can not comprehend and value as they see Love For All as a weakness and only romantic and family Love speaks to them.

    Something is not right. It feels like someone up there made a mistake and messed up timelines and realities.

    I want to be FREE on every level of existence. The 3D Matrix is a prison. Stop telling me that “we have chosen this experience”. I have cleared the Akashic Records and I have the right to leave this 3D Earthplane now. And so do other Ascended Divine Beings of Light.

    We have enough! Can you hear us up there? Can you free us from the 3D Matrix and give us tools to live as Ascended Masters?

    The promises and visions of the 3D Earth physically merging with 5D and 8D Earth where we move out of this realm kept me going for the past several years. What happened with these promises? The promised Land has not been given to us. We have completed our 3D mission. Take us out of here out of pure Love so we do not suffer here.

    I refuse to serve in the 3D and 4D worlds. It is time for me to return Home. It is time for the physical changes, the merging of the inner Earth with the 3D Earth. All these promises feel like a lie, like a story for children that never comes true.

    I refuse to be a prisoner of the 3D Matrix and request to be taken to the 5D Earth or Higher IN MY PHYSICAL BODY.

    Is there any Spiritual Leadership left? It all feels like just empty words and promises that do not become a physical reality.

    As a Divine Sovereign Being of Light I request to be taken away from the 3D and lower Matrixes in all timelines and realities. I request to be lifted in my physical body to the Higher Dimensions of Existence, Light, Love and Creation. I request the full guidance, power, connection and vision of my Highest Self to be granted to me now.



    With Love,

    1. As a Divine Sovereign Being of Light I request to be taken away from the 3D and lower Matrixes in all timelines and realities. I request to be lifted in my physical body to the Higher Dimensions of Existence, Light, Love and Creation. I request the full guidance, power, connection and vision of my Highest Self to be granted to me now.


      i completely agree with every word above. IT IS SO. IT IS DONE. thank you for sharing bozena. <3

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