Merging Timelines, Merging Selves

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My mate and I recently had a conversation where he said I seemed to be a different version than who I was when he met me.  This went beyond the normal “people change over time”.  This went much deeper.

I contemplated that for awhile and then tonight, I received an understanding of just what he said.  It began by thinking about my mate and who he is today.  I too suddenly felt – and could see – that I was seeing a new version of him being born into fruition.  A merging, I felt.

I then began to think about the concept of merging timelines and heard “your Higher Selves are merging.”

Hmmm.  I had to let that one percolate within for a bit.  Here is what my Inner Self shared.

It has long been my belief that the Reincarnation Loop is just another layer of the Matrix.  When we leave our bodies, the White Light is an artificially generated/created energy state of artificial bliss.  Or, as my late friend John said, “When you die don’t go to the light.  It’s an alien with a flashlight.”  Not too far from the truth.

The beings we see can morph into anything we believe we will be seeing upon our death. Jesus.  Buddha.  A dog from the past.  Family member(s). Etc. Etc.  The whole thing is a farce from the life review to the “now let’s talk about karma and what you learned”.  On and on until we are “lovingly” – through a lot of clever manipulation – told it is time to return.  Then the amnesia energy code is inserted and we’re right back in the loop again.

We are Sovereign Beings and as such, a Sovereign Being gets to choose the experience – whatever it is we wish to experience – from the authentic state of Pure Creation.  We don’t need another Being telling us what to do.  We don’t need states of amnesia put into us.

None of this supports Freedom.  It isn’t of Love.  And it sure doesn’t respect Sovereignty.

The dark ones have controlled this cycle for eons.  Why?  They feed on our lower vibrational energy of fear.  Just like the Matrix – we are food for these assholes.

What is happening now, however, with the incoming energies from the Central Sun, is allowing the break-down of those lower vibrational frequencies while bringing in the necessary protons and neutrons and tachyons to raise the vibrational frequencies for all Life.  This is leading to a merging of our Higher Selves, which have been fragmented due to the endless trauma’s we have been experiencing by being a part of life on planet 3D earth and the reincarnation cycle.  This fragmentation also leads to more food for the dark ones.  To sum it up: with each fragmentation of our Higher Self due to trauma, this has lead to our higher self being in multiple versions of you.  Parallel realities.

Such a process of merging is slow going, as those of us who are aware of this process will attest.  And it can cause some confusion, hence the need for this to be slow-going.

I have had moments recently where I look in the mirror and I “feel” different. I feel like a stranger to myself in a way.  I even feel I “look” different.  I can’t explain it.  It’s just a feeling.  And there are times I look at myself and wonder “who am I?”  This isn’t one of those esoteric, philosophical questions.  This is me questioning in a literal nature.  Who are you, girl?

Hard to wrap my mind around.  But this is what came through me on this 16th day of March, 2017.

If that’s really the correct calendar date.

But that’s another matrix moment piece for another day.

Shine on, beautiful Souls.




Live To Impress Yourself

I am so happy to announce that my book, Live To Impress Yourself ~ An Interactive Journal, is finally available in print (after being in kindle only format for the past year).  Totaling 68 questions which you answer in the space provided, I take you through a journey of self-exploration, asking you a variety of questions and providing exercises on topics such as relationships with self and others, sexuality, spirituality, and childhood. All designed to bring out your inner Goddess while providing some new insight, healing and fun.

This is a dream I have waited over 8 years to see come to fruition and I hope you decide to buy a copy for yourself and/or for the women in your life.


Live To Impress Yourself

I Embrace My Divinity

I Love Myself, Text, Words, Love, Me

Hello Beautiful People.  Here are some love-talks I give to myself.  It’s important to remember, when speaking personal mantra’s, to do it slowly, tune in and find where the emotion is with each mantra, then to chill with that emotion for a time before going on to the next mantra.  For me, I wait until I feel tingling with many of my mantra’s.  In a nutshell – feeeeeeeeeeeeel the looooooooooooove feeling that goes with the words.  That is how we create change within – and without.



I Am A Sovereign Being

Hello cells.  I love you.  Thank you.

Every day I get stronger, healthier, younger, wiser.

I love me.

I love myself SO much, darkness cannot touch me.

I accept, integrate and give thanks to the energies of expansion and healing being sent to me.

I release resistance to wherever it is I Am is resisting these changes to my cells and DNA.

My cells vibe at the frequency of my 27 year old self.

I give thanks to my: (fill in the blank – i often give thanks to all of the parts of my body)

I vibrate at the 5th Dimensional Frequency easily and with grace.


What are some of your favorite mantra’s?

Hello (hello hello). Is there anybody in there?

Low Angle View of Man Standing at Night

This is likely going to sound rude.  Arrogant.  Pretentious.  And yet that isn’t my intention.

The weather was spectacular over the weekend, which meant my family and I were outside.  My daughter and I interacted with several of our neighbors, some of them new.  This meant I got to engage in new conversations with new people.  And yet, as has been my experience, the conversations quickly left me feeling empty, like a deflated balloon.

I am not one for small talk.  I can do it.  I was well-trained.  However, it isn’t natural for me nor does it feel good in my body.

As what often happens, I begin to share something.  Pick the topic. Ascension.  New Earth.  The corruption of the system that dumbs us down. Chemtrails.  GMO’s.  Awakening.  UFO’s.  lol  I laugh at “UFO’s” because it reminds me of a conversation I had with a neighbor who wanted to know what I had been doing outside the previous night, watching the skies.  I told her I was on UFO patrol.  And like all of these other topics I bring up, I was given the “uh ok she is one of THOSE people” look.

Or there is the “there is no one home” look I receive when I bring up such a “strange” (to the masses) topic.  The topic?  Geoengineering, aka “chemtrails” to those of us in the conspiracy theory realms.  Surely I thought this person would have heard of geoengineering by now given it’s slowly gone mainstream over the past decade.  But there it was.  The look.  “You have just entered the space of total emptiness.”

Leaving me to think “Hello?  Is there anybody in there?”

Apparently not.  At least in this section of the mind.

And yet, I just cannot fathom being the kind of person who doesn’t want to know the Truth.

Now I realize there are many things I yet to know.  And that being said, I long to know the truth no matter what it is.  I’ve swallowed so many jagged pills over the years so I know the pain of being presented with information that challenges your current belief structure.

And yet, I just cannot fathom being the kind of person who doesn’t want to know the Truth. Who doesn’t want to know a damn thing other than what has been spoon-fed to them.  Who blindly follows whatever they are told, without question.

I.  Do.  Not.  Resonate.  With.  Such.  Behavior.

I have accepted this is just who I am.  And with the incoming beautiful energies awakening our dormant DNA and cellular memories, I have also had to accept not everyone is actually here at this time to awaken.  Or question.  Is it because they are so asleep in the Matrix it is gonna take a few more lifetimes?  Is it because they are simply not here in this incarnation to Awaken, Remember and Ascend?

I don’t know.

What I DO know is that having conversations with people who are not on the same vibrational frequency as I am has become increasingly difficult. And instead of having an increasing desire to share Glorious, Authentic Me with the world at large, I am having an increasing desire to reunite with my Tribe and get this New Earth Creation business going.

Slowly, this is happening for me.

If this resonates with you, here’s some music from Pink Floyd to put a spark of humor, understanding and beauty in this “disconnect”.  Shine on beautiful Soul.  This is a lonely journey and at least for me, has been for many many lifetimes, but Home is in our line of vision.  

Ooohhh Galactic Family ~ Wherefore art thou??!!


Ufo, Alien, Alie, Futuristic, Science

Oh my dear Starseeds and Wanderers and Lightworkers and Lemurian’s and Atlantean’s and pick your self-identifying term…  Many, if not most, if not all of us have had at least one occasion, as I wrote in my piece Thoughts Of A Weary Starseed Human, where we cry out to Life and the Universe and our Galactic Families:  “Where the HELL are you?!  I am DONE with life in this planet!  I’m TIRED!  I want to go Home!  I want a pick up!  NOW!”

(You don’t know what a relief it is to be able to write those words and know there are thousands of others who feel the same way.  Just had to add that.  When you have experienced being the only beautiful freak in the room for your entire human existence, it’s good to know you aren’t the only one ~ even if it means the other beautiful peeps are mostly scattered throughout the planet.)

I have carried these “where are you?!” words for a long time now.  And it wasn’t until this morning, after I wrote Lemuria: She Fell.  Now She Is Calling. last night, that I received a good dose of understanding and humbleness.  (I don’t much like the word humility.).  In my piece last night, I spoke how the Lemurian Civilization fell, based on the book “Coming Home To Lemuria” by Charmain Amarea Kumara Redwood.  We “fell” because being the High Vibrational Beings we were, we were unable to withstand the density of the lower vibrational civilizations/planets we decided to visit in order to help raise the vibes.

I awoke this morning thinking about that experience.  I contemplated what it would feel like to get “stuck” like that.  Would I want to undergo the experience again?

Absolutely NOT.

Then I remembered a thought I have had at times, reading how after we ascend, many of us will become planet liberators and set off to assist other “fallen” civilizations.  I have had the thought that I may wish to do that again.

Hmm.  A quandary, I thought.

Then thought some more.

Perhaps not a quandary.

Perhaps the reason why our Galactic Families have not made their appearance to us yet is they don’t wish to get “stuck” in these lower densities.  And I can respect that.

Perhaps they are, as some have opined, waiting for Humanity and Gaia to reach a certain vibrational frequency before they greet us again and offer us the assistance many of us seek and long for NOW.  Perhaps the best help they can do at this time is by helping to control and guide, with their advanced tech, the incoming energies ~ the tachyons, the ions, photons, gamma ray and neutrino’s ~ which as we know are raising the frequencies of Gaia and you and me.

Perhaps it was, in part, the lessons of Lemuria, that taught them the best ways to help another planet and it’s civilization ascend.

So, again, perhaps it is unfair to me to demand they do this helping/rescue “NOW!” business.

Perhaps my focus is best put forth in loving myself and making My Personal Ascension priority #1.

And while I really cringe in using the term “be patient”…

…perhaps that is really what is needed here.

And trust.  In myself.  In the process.  In Gaia.

And our Galactic Families.

Whoever they are.

And wherever they are.


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Lemuria: She Fell. Now She Is Calling…

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In April of 2016, while enjoying a rare peaceful, quiet moment in my bedroom, I heard a soft voice whisper in my left ear.  “Lemuria is calling.”

Hmm, that’s strange, I thought while also being intrigued and knowing this was something special to receive.

I live on the west coast and am familiar with some of the stories and legends that are Lemuria and Atlantis.  Both civilizations said to have fallen, each for different reasons.  Some claim they are myths.  Others claim these civilizations existed and share elaborate details.  I am one to believe there is Truth in myths.  I believe these civilizations existed.  I feel it in my body.  Whether they were called Lemuria and Atlantis and whether they existed at the time period historians discuss (and still debate) matters not to me.  Lemuria calls to me in my body.  In my cells. And those parts of my Being do not lie.

Since hearing that message, I have been very drawn to learning more about Lemuria.  And the Universe has indeed delivered.  Images of Lemuria popping up on my social media feeds.  Articles shared by others. Too many synchronicities to count.

I was guided to buy a book recently, “Coming Home To Lemuria” by Charmain Amarea Kumara Redwood.  Charmain says Lemurian civilization fell because we became aware of lower vibrational planets and, given our nature to help others, we made the choice to visit these planets in order to assist.  We weren’t prepared for the density and what it would do to our body and our Soul.  She says that is when we realized we were unable to return to Lemuria and this is what lead to the fall of our way of life.

An interesting perspective and one I feel has some definite truth when I weigh it against my own vision I had over 10 years ago.  In that vision, I saw myself standing in a circle around a tree (in her book, Charmain says the Lemurian’s did things in circles frequently).  We were sending energy to the tree and it was communicating back.  The experience was beautiful and peaceful.  It seemed to be more of a ritual than just a “spur of the moment” idea.  We were also quite large physically – tall and lean – something Charmain also mentions in her book.  Then something happened that caught us by surprise and I could feel the energy slowly drain and lower.  Then I was jolted out of the vision.

Aside from Charmain’s view of why we fell, I also maintain that part of this experience lead to lower dimensional beings with advanced tech and a very dark side (which was foreign to the Lemurian’s) took advantage of our helpful and trusting manner, conquered us and altered our DNA and inter-bred with us.

Lately I have been purging this experience.  The horrors of not only losing yourself and your family and friends, but your way of live.  Your way of Being.  The horror that there are other Beings who will grossly violate free will and will take advantage of others for their personal gain and power.

While I realize these behaviors are part of modern day humankind, they are still foreign concepts to me.  Absolutely foreign.  I don’t understand the desire to do that to another and I most certainly do not understand the decision to actually go ahead with that desire and create it.

Again, according to Charmain’s book, a very Lemurian trait.

I also very much resonated with her description of our desire to help others – even at the expense of our own well-being in a way at times.  Or in other words, we see someone in help, we don’t always intuitively stop and check in to see if such help would be ok with Self.  I’m the same way. I hear of someone in need or see it, every part of me says “help” and I do what I can.  However, living in third dimensional frequencies and reality has taught me I have to weigh my desire to help with my own abilities and limits – things we did not have to bother with living in higher dimensional Lemuria.

Living in Lemuria – living at that frequency level (which Charmain says was in 5D) – we didn’t need to concern ourselves with things such as burn out and disease and personal health.  It was in our inherent make-up to help.  Period.  That is what we DID and in doing so, we gave to ourselves in return.  A natural cycle and a natural way of Being.

I have a feeling we are going to see the rise and return of these civilizations – both in human form and in the rise of their ruins.  I have seen this in a dream I had almost 14 years ago and at the time, had no clue what the dream meant nor was I familiar with Lemurian or Atlantean civilizations.  I also believe there are many of us from this time period who have returned for this Ascension Event.

If you feel an inner calling for Lemuria, let yourself purge those old memories and the old energies from the trauma(s).  For me, not only am I mourning the way of life I once lived, I am also mourning over the concept that there are beings who will disrupt your life simply because they can. There are beings who don’t care about free will and are only about serving their own needs.  This is also about me questioning whether I can trust myself and leads to a life-long – and likely many lifetimes-long fear of being left behind, being uprooted against my will, being abandoned and a deep deep loss that has lead to an inner thought of “will I ever have paradise again with my tribe?”

I miss that way of life.  I miss my tribe.  I am ready to reunite and rebuild that way of life.  This time around, we will have gathered some much needed awareness and that is, even as we ascend into 5th Dimension, always be fully prepared and aware before offering help to those who are not of your vibrational frequency and belief system.

The Goddess has awakened in new ways and while she still longs to help, she is too aware to be taken advantage of.

She has learned that it is necessary to Love Self First.


After I wrote the above, I thought “I wonder if I will have more moments of synchronicity with Lemuria tonight.”  You know, for validation that what I write above is truthful and not just wishful thinking.  Ahem.  Check out this beautiful video, “Songs of Lemuria”, which just “happened” to show up in my social media feed an hour after writing this piece.  I was also quite intrigued to note the time the video was originally linked in my friends page – 7:11pm.  Earlier tonight I looked at the clock, saw 7:11pm and knew I would be having a moment of synchronicity later.  ♥





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Ascension Update: Symptoms And Where We Are “Going”

Hello Ascending Beings~

Well well now… The tides of purging been ravaging through me and out of me. Yesterday I spent a good 30 minutes in the bathroom experiencing something no one wants to.  Better out than in.  I will leave it at that.

Purging.  That’s what this starseed goddess has been doing and doing a lot of.  Purging.

Stuff from childhood coming up – again.  (and I thought I was done w/all that)

Stuff from lifetimes ago – held in those cellular memories.

Heck, this past week I felt in my body that horrible feeling of having our entire way of life taken by us when we were conquered and genetically altered by the dark ones so long ago.

Talk about a gut-wrenching cry that knocked me to my knees.

So I do as I have been doing.

I cry.  I release.  I punch my punching bag.  I ask Source “WHY?”  I yell “I AM TIRED! I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE!”

I fall down for a bit at times.  And I get lost for a moment or two or three. I surrender.  I remind myself this is part of the process.  Have a cookie or two.  Perhaps ice cream.  Take extra naps.

And then I get back up again, literally and spiritually/emotionally/mentally.

Lately I have been receiving Visions as to where we are going – not just Spiritually but literally.  To what physical location are we headed?

The world of science is baffled by these videos people are taking (and lifting) of Nibiru and other planets showing up.  The strange clouds.  The intense colors. The rainbows.  The pillars of light.  The images of dragons and dinosaurs (pterodactyls) and an increase in the sightings of Sasquatch.

There are the incoming energy waves of photons and electrons and neutrons.

There is the strange frequency reads on the Heliplots.

The increase in the Schumann Resonance.

And of course the highly unusual and at times extreme weather patterns.

I believe Earth is being moved.

I believe that we have lived for eons in a highly sophisticated artificial environment.

And I believe we are being moved out of this energy space and into the space where we once resided – before we were conquered and altered and brought to a lower vibrational reality where we have been “locked” in place by technology that has kept us in a virtual, albeit it real, prison.

We’re going home.  In our bodies.  On our Gaia.

Is Source behind this?  The higher dimensionals?  The galactics?

Yes.  In a way.

I say “in a way” because perhaps…

Just perhaps all of this happening because, like the 100th Monkey theory, enough of us have awakened, enough of us have slowly remembered again, enough of us said “no more” and that collective energy has been received and is being matched.

Obviously no one knows for sure what is going on.  I am only speculating and going by my inner feeling/intuitive voice.  And that can be absolutely maddening – certainly for someone like me, an earthly grounded Capricorn who values Truth and Logic and Proof – while also being highly creative and intuitive.  But for certain I can unequivocally state that reality is changing and we are both going along for the ride and helping to create the New as we go.

Love yourself deeply and be kind to yourself so that you may love others and be kind in return.  And know – you are here for a reason.  We all are.

A very beautiful, special reason.

Let THAT be our focus.





A Message From Gaia

Image result for mother gaia image

In these tumultuous times, I believe there is one thing I can say that we can ALL agree on: Something’s up with earth.

She’s hurt.

She’s angry.

She’s fed up.

She’s had it with the dosing of toxins we humans have poisoned her with.

She’s had it with how we have fracked the hell out of her.

She’s had it with how we have raped her of her oil and natural gas.

She’s had it with how we have so horribly farmed her land.

Her animals have been screaming for decades.

Her trees and plant life have been crying out for help for decades.

Her rivers and lakes and streams and oceans have been saying ENOUGH for decades.

And humanity, certainly those in power of policy making, have been ignoring her.

Well, she is taking back the reigns of control.

If humanity ain’t gonna get it, she will make sure we do.

Her patience is out.

She is fuming with volcanic activity.

She is purging with earthquakes.

She is SHOWING US she will not tolerate our crap anymore.  Our neglect. Our disrespect.

Mama Gaia means business.

We are not here to POWER OVER Gaia.

We are here to live WITH her.

This is a SYMBIOTIC relationship.  NOT a one-way street.

We are here to take ONLY what we need.  ONLY what we need.

With a sense of reverence.

And any damage we create, we must restore and mend to the best of our ability.

Our beautiful Gaia has suffered enough.

Incoming frequency waves are helping not only us to purge and remember, they are helping Gaia receive the much needed healing she is in need of.

When people speak of the Collective – we MUST include Gaia.

Always knowing that without Gaia, we don’t survive.  There is no us.

Her time to cleanse is upon us.

Let’s send her our Love as she does to Us just as we send ourselves and one another the same Love.

Just like us, she will be restored.

Only this time, she will no longer be in the lower vibrational frequencies of darkness and ignorance.

Let us intend that we follow the same course.







Thoughts on Ascension, Healing and Zero Time

Ascension, Celestial, Planet, Heaven
Earlier this evening, I read a piece that includes an excerpt of Dolores Cannon’s book “The Three Waves Of Volunteers And The New Earth.”  In this particular piece, the client states we are coming to a point where a very strong wind energy will spread across the planet.  She describes it as “a foggy, clean, clear energy.  It will have a lot of neutralizing energy.” These energies will neutralize things like depression, misery and poisons.  When this happens we will have reached the place of “no time”.
Several months ago, the term “zero point” began appearing in my life, so much so, that I now know it is a communication from Source and my Higher Self.  They are telling me it’s coming.
Ms. Cannon’s client goes on to talk about how this “no time” moment will wipe out our bad memories.  Give us amnesia. She said so much damage has been done – this is the only way to clean up the planet and us.
I resonate very strongly with that.
Now here’s the interesting part – from my perspective that is – because lately I have been intending – at times pleading – that I simply forget all of the bad memories.  The trauma’s.  The pain.  There are simply too many for me to process and release on my own, certainly more than one lifetime would allow.  I fully completely want those memories and the energies out of my body, cells, dna, auric field and my akashic records. Just this week it hit me – we all have lifetimes of pain we are trying to heal from.  That’s a tremendous “ball” of heavy energy for just one person to do – a little at a time. I mean seriously – such work would really take lifetimes, you know?   There are so many Ascension articles on this topic – this idea we must learn to “let it all go” and soon!  Well I don’t know about you, but I HAVE been intending that.  I have been to energy worker’s and trauma counselor’s and yet, we are talking about LIFETIMES of such energy accumulation.  LIFE TIMES.  That is a LOT of energy accompanied with a LOT of memories, both conscious and (mostly) unconscious.
She says it will be a case of amnesia – but I don’t like the term as amnesia implies it’s all still there.  My intention is I wish to see a total erasure of our pains and trauma’s and the accompanying energies.  And I KNOW to the core of who I am – this can be done in an instant.
I always have.
And you can imagine the disagreements I have had with counselor’s over the years on this one.  The most recent says it takes time for the body to release trauma memory.  It was taking me weeks – weeks – just to work through one memory.  And I have many in this lifetime alone.  I figure by the time I would be good and whole again, I would be about 567 years old and out a billion dollars.
I don’t know about you but that is simply too grueling.  And as I am seeing and feeling now, absolutely unnecessary, if what I read and quoted above by Ms. Cannon’s client says is coming.
Imagine a new beginning for us all.
A TOTAL clean slate.  Where consciously we know we have had some difficult experiences, but the memory of them and the accompanying energies are wiped out completely.
Imagine how easy and natural it will be then to return our focus COMPLETELY on Love and positive/high vibes – because we will have removed that toxic residue/energy of pain that has kept us down.
Can this perhaps really be THE event?  Certainly THE event that would lead us to other events, such as Disclosure.
For when we are no longer in pain, we no longer harm ourselves or others.  And this in turn allows us not only raise and maintain our frequency quickly, but to remain in Love and thus restore Paradise on this beautiful planet.
Today I was thinking this ascension process is really difficult work.  We put so much pressure on ourselves to not only awaken, which is painful, but also to heal (which is overwhelming, speaking for myself).  And yet, perhaps this healing part – this pressure to “be there NOW” to “hurry up and HEAL so I can ascend” – perhaps there is more to it than that.
Perhaps Source loves us more than that.
Perhaps we can just relax, let go and know we have this beautiful pulse wave coming our way that is going to transform us in the way we all really want and need.  Wiping out those conscious and (mostly) unconscious memories, removing the energy, returning us to Love.
A Clean Slate.
A New Beginning.
This has to be it.
This has to be coming.
Ascension I believe is just the awakening of what’s wrong with reality, of what’s been taken from us, of removing the blinder’s.  We begin to shift – awaken – grow in more awareness and for some time now, with each incoming wave of energy, until we receive this final push – a giant blessing from Source and Cosmic Sun and Galactics – to give us a big cleansing and fresh clean slate.
Merry Christmas a billion fold!
I’ll take it!
Much love~
Star Sister awaiting her cosmic bath
let’s intend this energy NOW, people.  let’s welcome this energy.  let’s bless it and us.  let us be a part of the “100 monkey” experience by creating this for all of humanity and our gaia.  if you read this, take a moment to bring in this energy.  and feel free to share this far and wide, if you are so moved.  thank you and blessings.  


Pulling Back The Veil of Fear and Judgment

alone, cloud, clouds

I hope everyone will take this with the Spirit in which it is intended.

I subject myself to information that most either are not aware of (but it is there for all nonetheless) or they would not be interested in partaking of. I have invested over 20 years of my life to digging deep, beyond the headlines and soundbites and have gathered enormous amounts of information as well as an ongoing Spiritual journey of growing intuition, increased visions and deepening trust in Source/Creator/Universal Flow.

I see the pieces of the puzzle coming together – in between the unraveling. So what I see happening isn’t really a surprise as I have “seen” so much of this coming, both from a Spiritual perspective and a Practical Knowledge perspective.

There is so much more going on than what we are being shown in media outlets. I cannot emphasize this enough. I believe – I KNOW – out of the chaos, something beautiful is painfully being birthed.

I believe we are seeing the painful collapse of many systems and as a result, tempers are flaring and quick judgments are being launched. This presents each of us – individually – with the chance to go within, find those parts of us that judge, those pieces that are afraid, those parts that refuse to hold a different thought, those parts that feel disconnected and alone and angry, and love them enough to give them a voice and a safe place to heal. In doing so, that elevates our vibes, our state of being, which provides the example for others to do the same. After all, when we look at one who is obviously at peace, grounded and non-reactionary, we want to be like that, don’t we?

Of course we do.

I truly feel beautiful, amazing things are unfolding along with all of the chaos and fear we are all seeing – and all feeling in our own bodies and minds.

So the next time you find yourself judging or reacting, pause. Go within.

What you find may surprise you.