What Are You Going To Feed?


Words of wisdom spoken to me by my Highest Self.

What are you going to feed in this moment?

Observe your thoughts.  How are they making you feel?

Feed love.

Feed belief.

Feed courage.

You got this.

You are remembering.


A bit later, I thought of a friend of ours who has cancer.  Shall I say ~ had cancer.  All signs indicate she is free and healthy.  She has this amazing faith.  At first I thought she has this amazing belief system, but really it’s faith she has.  Yes, she follows a religious structure.  But it goes beyond that.  She has this VERY strong faith that she is not alone.  She not only thinks it and believes it, she KNOWS it.

I could feel in my body the difference between belief and faith.

Belief comes from outside of Who We Are.

Faith ~ within.  It IS Who We Are.

Transcend belief into faith.

I rather liked that one.


Emotional Roller Coaster Ride


I was so grateful for the latest piece by Jennie Schiltz, where she speaks of this emotional roller-coaster experience many of us are going through. One day we are in calm states, often escalating to experiences of bliss and then the next day we are afraid, angry, apathetic.  Such is the process for merging again with our Highest Self and Source.

Yesterday I was, overall, pretty neutral.  Regaining my balance state again after the previous day of purging more old stories.

Today ~ calm.  Creative self full of new stories and insights.  It began after a night of some amazing dreams which I will share in another piece.  Too good to keep to myself.  Even my neighbor, who is a Hillary supporter, thought they were “very intriguing”.  He knows who I am.  Heck, most of my neighbors know I am “one of those”.  When the crafts appear more noticeably and all signs of change come into view, this house will be the go-to place for some answers and maybe even some reassurance.

This calm state slowly morphed while my child and I were out and about getting some flowers for the yard.  I didn’t do much with the yard this year.  Normally I have pretty little flower gardens.  This year ~ leftover primroses took up the space along with a sad looking, lone pansy.  Last night the yard spoke to me ~ please add some color.  I hesitated ~ money issue.  Best spent on food.  But when my girl said she would put forth some of her money, I decided to take her up on that.  Normally whenever she offers such a sweet gift, I turn her down.  She was so excited to help though, I decided sure, why not.

So we scored some 99 cent deals and headed home.  Peter Frampton came on the radio.  I love his music.  Show Me The Way.  This feeling began to grow inside of me.  It continued to expand.  The lyrics “I can’t believe this is happening to me” play.  I thought the same thing for I knew what was and is happening.  I can’t believe this is happening to me.  Another leap in awakening.


Feeling ME.  The way that is Natural.  Meant-to-be.

Feeling Source.

I could feel the presence of so many who have helped liberate earth all around me.  Around us.  Waiting to walk among us.

“You are magic,” I heard.

We all are.

I wanted to shout it for all to hear only no one was outside.

So I shouted it to the trees.  The birds.  The people inside their houses.

It is happening.  And it is only going to continue, overall, to get more beautiful.

Words to carry close to my heart.

Maybe Now Is The Time To Listen…


Maybe now is the time to listen.

To listen to the cries of the black race who have stories to tell of oppression and mistreatment.

To listen to the demands of the Natives who have had enough of the government telling them where they can live and what they can do with their sacred land.

To listen to the silent tears of the children who have been abused, tortured, bought and sold by the most horrible of people.

To listen to the false cries of bravado by the masculine who has been mislead into believing they are the dominating, controlling gender all while completely forgetting their tenderness and vulnerability.

To listen to the far-too-often timid cries and stories of the feminine who has been suppressed and controlled while completely forgetting their power and right to control their own Being.

To listen to the cries of the neglected and abused animals who just long to live as we all do ~ freely, with dignity and love.

To listen to ALL of our stories.  Man.  Woman.  Black.  White.  Rich.  Poor.

We all have them.

And it takes a very open heart and a silent ego to be brave and willing to listen to the painful stories of another while recognizing our own triggers and be as brave and willing to put them aside, just for a moment, to Listen.

We see the collective rage.  We feel the collective pain.  We hear the collective screams of NO MORE.

We are in this Together.

Something magical happens when one truly feels listened to and heard. We’re inspired to heal.  We’re inspired to begin the process of forgiveness and letting go.  And we’re inspired to start telling a new story while seeing the truth ~ they are all stories.  And we all have them.

So maybe, just maybe, instead of spending all of our time screaming our own stories, we use a little bit of that time to Listen to the stories of another.  For nothing is more beautiful to me than the act of listening in silence, authentically, to another as they share their story.

Maybe it is time, Humanity.

Maybe it is time to just Listen.


 Your support of my work is greatly and gratefully appreciated.  

Reminder To Focus On The Timeline/Reality We All Want This Week and Into The Eclipse


This is a highly charged energy period.  I “feel” the dark ones are putting out frequencies to keep us low right now.  It is no coincidence that I read so many people speak of feeling anxiety or rage or extreme sadness today. Is that purely our collective cleanse or something else?  Or perhaps a bit of both.

This feels so important to me, I may write several pieces in the upcoming week to keep us all (myself included!) focused on creating the New.

Feel what it is you want.  Please.  Intend this new beginning in this Now moment.  Keep at it all week.  Daily.  Hourly.  Take little breaks to refocus and regroup.

A mass beautiful cleansing energy.

A full awakening and remembering of Who We Are.  Full Awareness.

A full return to Unity Consciousness.

A full return to individual freedom and sovereignty.

To Walk Fully Aware In My Truth and All Knowing Power.

To be fully immersed with the energies of gratitude, compassion, grace and awareness.

Forgiveness for self and for all Higher Self deems necessary for my personal healing and ascension.

A new earth realm with clean, pure air, water and land.

A full return of our abilities ~ teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis, instant manifestation, full instantaneous self- healing.

A release of all technologies that are healing and beneficial to all life.

These are my desires that I intend in this NOW moment.

I tap into these magical energies of highest love frequencies of creation and healing to intend all of the above into this Now moment.

I end this by stating I Intend The Timeline Of My Heart’s Desire.

I Am Divine Source Essence In This Amazingly Glorious Physical Body.

I Am The Creator Of All Of My Experiences.  In All Ways.


It is done.

And so it is.



Weird Phenomena and Today’s Blessings


A new neighbor/mama is sharing this strange experience as well.  What is this strangeness?  Not only NO desire to cook, but dinner/meal ideas no longer appealing.  And nothing new comes to mind or if it does, holds no appeal.  When she told me this I was floored and excited.  ME TOO, I said.

I am facing this daily now.  It was random for awhile but not anymore. Looking up new recipes used to be an obsession.  Now I hate it.  lol

Obviously I come up with something or else people around here would starve (rolling my eyes), but damn…  NOTHING food-wise seems to appeal to me.  Eating is becoming a chore instead of a pleasure.

Where am I headed?  To a state where I no longer eat?

To a reality where food replicator’s are provided for all instead of suppressed as they are in this one?

Whatever this “realm” I am in – this in-between stage – well it just sucks. I am ready to leap to the new.  Now.

I can give much thanks however to the miracles that did occur today – in spite of my not intending them.  In fact I resisted at first – but then was a little bit inundated with several in a short period I had to let them in.  And now I just want to punch my punching bag and cry and scream while giving thanks.  A rather paradoxical state to be in.

First miracle ~ dragonfly that kept showing up.  Always a message of love from spirit.

Second miracle ~ as I was stuck in my “white men” thought train (sorry my male readers – just being honest with old thoughts that were, honestly, understandably created at the time) ~ two guys drove by and waved at me.  One I had no idea who it was but it was such a sweet smile and wave…. and the other guy I know and he NEVER waves.  I always receive a frown/scowl.  While I received no smile, I will take a wave as an acknowledgement.

Third miracle ~ Talking with our wonderful neighbor who is family to us, I was lamenting my pain over my broken relationship with my father.  I just want him to feel proud of me.  To show me and tell me he loves me. To connect with me emotionally.  Accept me for who I am.  Show interest in what I do – especially my latest venture with this website.  My neighbor said he’s probably doing the best he can.  I know that, I said.  But my heart still aches for more.  I have never felt I am good enough in his eyes and mind and heart (wherever that is) and certain things/words he has tossed my way have made it clear what he really thinks of me.  My eyes welled up with tears and my neighbor said “well you can call me Dad and I will always listen to you.”  Voice cracks as I say “thank you” and give him a hug.  He means it.  He is not the type to say something like that unless he is sincere.

So releasing more old crap today that I wish I knew how to fully let go – purge out.  All at once.

And seeing where I am blessed and loved.

Just takes the heart awhile to make the switch it all.

Intense Energies Causing Intense Emotions


I have so little to say and yet so very much to say at the same time.  It has been a day.  Child fell off her bike, busting a cable.  More money to toss at that.  Then she stubbed her foot, cutting open her big toe.  I spent last night on the couch throwing up a meal I bought prepared because I was too exhausted to cook (and my intentions of creating an angel who just brings me a home-cooked meal just because has yet to transpire).  Trader Joe’s Spaknokita or something like that. Far too many onions.  The food was not tainted with anything as my mate and child ate the same thing w/o consequence.

Still feeling like shit today.  Body hurts.  Still waiting for things “out there” to change.  Still intending the same desires for myself.  The nightly meditations.

While inside is a giant FUCK YOU brewing wishing to be unleashed.

I’m kind of at a loss on how to create anything worthwhile, that I desire, in this reality anymore.

I am used to the struggle.  But never before has it been like this.

I surrender and let go.  Then what?  More “void”?

No thank you.  Spent far too much of my adult life in that “void”.

I know what I desire.

And I am tired of advice that doesn’t come backed up with authentic help or the question “what can I do for you”.  Does no one do this???  Unasked for advice repels me when it isn’t backed up with such a statement.

Are we gonna create a true authentic space of Unity or more of the same? More superficiality?

I opt for Unity and authenticity, myself.

For now, I am going to nurse this sore, ick-feeling body, put some more boo boo cream on my little one’s big toe.  The song lyrics “it don’t come easy” just went through my mind.  Not.  Funny.

Certainly not today.

A Message Found In A Notebook


I picked up a notebook to do some sketching earlier today.  A brief message popped out at me.  It was written earlier this year when I was out in nature, doing some stream-of-consciousness writing.  “Victoria ~ release your thinking from that of division/duality and you will ascend to the timeline of your heart’s choosing.”


Today’s Energies


So at first I thought this schumann spike today was not affecting me.  I was wrong.

Ringing in the right ear.

Tears flowing.

Powerful urge to watch Field of Dreams.  Did not pursue that urge.  TV music channel was on earlier.  Something said “go to the tv now”.  I did. Theme from Field of Dreams was playing.

Will watch now.

It is 3:05pm, pacific time and I just noticed I had not made sure my kiddo’s hair or teeth were brushed.  Sorry, mama doesn’t know where she is today.

When we eat meals now, it is now that – a meal.  I no longer define things by breakfast, lunch, dinner.  Nor do I define the day of the week.  Or time.

It is now.

My little one’s teeth and hair ~ cleaned.

And it is now time to make a meal.

Lost in Cosmic Space.  With a ringing right ear.

How are ya’ll doing?


Intending What We Want This Eclipse To Represent


Wallpaper, Background, Eclipse, Twilight

There are many articles floating around now on what this upcoming solar eclipse “means”.  I have come to believe we are not just along for the ride with earth and this realm we live in.  We are Co-Creating on this journey of awakening and remembering.

There are organized global meditations for this eclipse.  Since this is an event that has received worldwide attention, let’s focus what we wish to experience.

Removal of all lower vibrational energies from our individual and collective trauma’s.

Return us to Source Frequencies.

Restore our memories.

Restore our powers.

Return us to Wholeness.

These are my intentions.  This is what I saw and see.

The possibilities are endless.

Let us make this our own Event.  Let us use this event to come together with the Unity Consciousness that will be taking place on that day and Supercharge it with the intentions of Love and Healing and Full Restoration of WE THE SOURCE BEINGS.

It is done.

It is so.

And so it is.




Message From Sacred Tree ~ All Life Is Sacred


Success, Accomplishment, Achievement

Ah, the pleasure it was to head out on this cool night alone, to walk the streets in silence.  Normally I am accompanied by my child, but being she was home totally tuned in (or tuned out) to her movie, I decided to take advantage of the situation.

I had not intended on walking to the sacred tree.  I didn’t really feel the need ~ that is until about 20 minutes into my walk, I felt a gentle nudge to go pay a visit.  So I did.  I stood in front of her, hands together, in a gentle greeting.  As I placed my hands upon her, immediately my left hand began to tremble with an intensity I had not felt from her in quite awhile.  In fact, on the previous visit, I felt she was sleeping/resting.  She was absolutely silent and still.

It was so intense I almost pulled away but I kept my hands there.  The word I felt had an “s” in it.  At first I thought it was “surrender”.  But then felt “that’s only part of it.”

After receiving nothing more, and feeling the transmission was over, I thanked her and continued on my way.  This was new.  Normally I “get it” at the time.  Something told me though the message would formulate with more walking.  Indeed it did.

After a couple of blocks, I began to hear a message.  “Greet the plants.” So I did.  Only I didn’t greet each of them.  Just the ones I found “pretty”.

“No,” I felt.  “Greet the plants.  Every one of them.”

So I did.  And you know, it took effort.  It felt almost unnatural to greet the plants we call weeds.  The dying blades of grass.  But I did.  Kinda faked it until I made it.

In doing so, my heart began to expand and tears formed in the corners of my eyes.

It was then I began to Remember the sacredness in all life.  Remembered it from the feeling space, not just the mind space.

I was able to Remember a feeling from a time so very very long ago when looking at life in this manner was normal.

All life.

Thoughts continued to form in my mind.  I thought back to a piece I read earlier today that spoke of how it is now past time to walk the talk of living in Unity.  At first I dismissed it.  Ego certainly did.  See the sacred in everyone and everything?  No exceptions?  Especially people??!!

Ack no!

What about those who…my ego began, telling all those old stories.

It is indeed getting easier to speak with this part of me and remind her we now have a symbiotic relationship.

Yes, even “those who”.

Every part of life, every person, every being has Life Source in it.  No matter how hidden.  Ignored.  Unknown.  Neglected.

These incoming energies are allowing us to Remember that all Life is sacred.  I feel it.

I KNOW it.

It doesn’t matter what one has done.  Or not done.

All Life Is Sacred.  No exceptions.

Hard to accept at times?

Oh god, yes.

When those “yeah but’s” kick in, acknowledge the story.  The emotions. Then Remember.  Get quiet.  And go within to search for that Light within the other.

I did that today.  It was a challenge.  Ego said all sorts of things but I held space in my heart until the softening occurred.  And it was then that I remembered how wonderful this feels.

So much better than being in judgment and critical.

Doesn’t feel so good in the body.

All Life Is Sacred.

All this means is every living thing has a piece of Source.  A piece of Us.

As we continue to return to this way of Being, it will soften and heal every one of us so that the illusion of separation just drifts away.  Feels like we are being called to fall in love with life again, doesn’t it?  Every piece of it. Makes me wants to just run outside, roll around in the grass and giggle loudly and large, hugging myself.  And everyone I see.  Remember doing this?

Of course you do.

We all do.

Reminds me of the song Blow Away (George Harrison).  All I’ve got to do is to Love (you, me all of it!).  All of us doing this is making for a really beautiful reality.

Peace everyone~


George Harrison – Blow Away


Your support of my work, in all ways, is so greatly and gratefully appreciated.