Energy In My Body ~ Full On Upgrade In Process OH WOW!


About 2 hours ago me and my family were suddenly hit with a combo of giddiness and the sleeps.  My body also ached, in particular the bones and joints.  About 15 minutes into it, I began to giggle, for no reason.  After tucking my little one in bed, I was suddenly ravishingly hungry.  I walked into the living room and my mate said “are you hungry?  I’m starving!”

So at my suggestion of an egg, fried potato and cheese fried wrap he eagerly agreed that would be the perfect food at that moment.  I may have made this exact recipe half a dozen times throughout my life so not that this is a typical meal.  But it was one I needed at that moment.  Threw in some fresh pineapple, bananas and grapes (separately of course) and I was good to go!

Was it another energy DNA busting-open wave?  HAARP/chemtrail crap?

I am focused on it being an upgrade given my experience ~ that ascension flu stuff.  And given I felt – and still feel – rather blissful, I am focused on the positive love wave.  I did receive a “feel” from that upper left space in back of my head area that the full abilities come online once we are out of this realm.

I was in a very low funk last night, questioning all of “this”.  Have I just fallen for another matrix program?  Have the visions and dreams I have had been just a ploy to get me into another control system?  Is it best for me to just let it all go and focus solely on this 3D realm?  As I drifted off to sleep I said what I wanted at this moment was to feel the magic of Life again.  Then I felt myself wanting to live someplace warmer.

Upon having these pre-sleep feelings, I went on to have a very vivid dream where I teleported myself to Australia.  There’s a warm place where I may find some magic, right?  I suddenly appeared on this grassy knoll by a lake.  There was a group of people sitting on blankets ~ none surprised to see me suddenly pop in.  They all smiled at me.  I asked where I was.  “Australia,” a few of them said.  WOW, I thought.  I teleported myself all the way to Australia.  I asked on which coast line and they said “eastern”.

I glanced around and saw a small village of these cob-like homes and thought how quaint and peaceful it was.  The next scene I was renting a two-seater bike for my mate and I (who apparently had joined me) and we took off on a bike ride to explore the coastline.

Two out of three of my most-desired abilities – flying and teleporting – I have dreamed of doing just that the past few weeks.  Instant manifestation being #3.

In other news, we have another “journalist” being fired for more of that dark crap.  Likely just a “fall” person while the most guilty remain behind closed doors.  Those doors are being opened though.  There is no more running and hiding.

Now if you will excuse me, I must put heat and massage on my body.  And zzzzzzzzzz.  Peaceful blessings.  



Thank you so very much for supporting my vision and my work.



Thank You To All Who Are Serving/Doing For Freedom


I hope one day soon to meet some of you, shake your hand and let you see into my eyes and through to my heart how deeply grateful I am for what you are doing.  I intend one day soon to be able to say, to you, “thank you”. Maybe cook you a meal too.  We know the work you are doing and we thank you for it.  The Liberation of Gaia and All of Her Life is in progress…

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Recent Sun/Sky Capture


How many suns???



Today’s Energies and Experiences ~ Or “Can I Live In A Pretty Spacious Quite Bubble For A Little While?!”


Soap Bubble, Huge, Large

I was a bit surprised yesterday to see the Schumann and not feel the bliss I normally do.  It’s like I had to search for it.  The spiking continued into today and I have felt anything but bliss today.  On top of being absolutely exhausted, I am feeling anger, impatience, frustration.  In my “leave me the frig alone” space.  Today if I could have teleported my body to a beach in Brazil I would have.

I belong to a few private groups and one, which is quite popular, pulled the censorship card today by banning a topic altogether.  This is a group that seeks the truth and so far, a plethora of topics have been discussed.  If I see one I’m interested in, I join in. If not, I scroll on past.  Simple enough, right? It triggered me.  Aren’t we after Truth?  Aren’t we fed the fuck up with not being Free?  What came out of me was NO ONE TELLS ME WHAT I CAN OR CANNOT SAY.  No one.

Not a cool move and I for one will not be following it.  If I get removed, so be it.  What’s as surprising are the number of people who support the decision. I have noticed something kind of creepy about people who hit it big on the internet ~ they tend to create a cult-like group of followers who blindly obey whatever the master decides.  I am witnessing this first hand.

People are people.  No one is above another.  I used to want to be big like Prescott or Walling.  Not any more.  I do not want the experience of anyone looking to ME to have their answers nor do I want anyone blindly agreeing with me.  And I also don’t want anyone willing to allow me to put myself up on a pedestal and proclaim “You will do as I say”.  If I do, tell me to eat some humble pie (w/the flaky crust ~ goes down easier for me).

On to another experience ~ the ongoing revealing of the human trafficking, especially the children.  This has to be the biggest, most awful, most difficult red pill to swallow.  One tiny bit at a time.  The pandora’s box was opened and I can feel some of that filth, that heavy slimy energy.  I can feel some of the rage these beautiful people are being allowed to fully feel now that some of them are being freed.  And it also brings up the experiences I have had when I have been abused by others claiming the “power over” behavior.

There are no words.  All I can think, over and over, is “they’re children. They’re our babies.  We are supposed to be PROTECTING them.”  I don’t get it.  I don’t want to get it.  I never will get it.  As my mate and I did a release tonight together to end this practice now, I about passed out from the intensity that came through and out of me.  You know the saying.  If looks could kill.  Yeah…

For now, I wish for some UNINTERRUPTED time ~ just me.  No other voices. No demands.  No one asking me questions or saying I need to do this or that. My inner ME still has quite a bit of things she wishes to say to me.  And given after many years of attempting to train myself to be fully in alignment with Who I Am ~ even when around other people ~ when I get to that space of quiet, all it takes is one word or noise to pull me out.

Someone once said to me “No one lives in a bubble.”

Today, with all that is going on “out there”, that sounds quite pleasant.

DNA Upgrades in Process


Dna, String, Biology, 3D, Biotechnology

How do I know?  Well speaking for me, when I have big cravings for cheese and fruit (grapes in particular), I know changes are going on within my body.  Sitting next to me here is a plate topped off with crackers with melted parmesan cheese (personal favorite) and a cluster of grapes.  I know as we transition we will be eating a diet composed largely around fruit.

What’s also very telling is that last night around 2am, maybe 3am (can’t seem to get to sleep until then … going on almost 2 weeks now), my mate and I began to buzz.  Our cells, shaking, vibrating.  In fact he noticed it first and I said “Oh I haven’t had that experience in a few months.”  Yeah, I speak and then it happens.  Seconds later I heard “go within and feel” so I did and sure enough – the buzzing was going on.  I have a little feeling within, a little hunch, that the chance to upgrade is constant now ~ and when I call on it, it happens.  I know, sounds nuts, but that is what I am thinking.  Give it a try (and let me know what you experience).  The unbelievable spiking of the Schumann today definitely helps.  (Cannot express the joy I felt inside seeing that this morning~been waiting weeks to see it like this!)

Seeing that UFO frigging LAND over Mt. Adams by James Gilliland’s ranch has me feeling and knowing – it’s beginning.  I have put out all of my inner channels to ask for clarification and the go-to as to what I am to do next. Can you IMAGINE what it will feel like to connect with Being’s you once knew eons ago?  Can you FEEL that?  I already had that wild, amazing encounter 9 loooong years ago where every ounce of homesickness I have carried in this life was completely gone.  It will satisfy a longing I have had, consciously, in this body, for almost 10 years.  To say hello again.  Good to see you.  Oh wow, I am so ready for that.

We’re all ready for the party.  How many of us actually USE the word “party”?  Countless number of people I have met, encountered all have used that word – we are waiting to have THE party of all parties.  Not celebration. Not gathering.  But party.  As though we’re all a bunch of wild, enthusiastic, FREE Beings.

Imagine that!

Will be nice to put to use all of that practice I had during my teens and twenties.    Will be nice to have that energy as well.  Few could keep up with me back then.  Be awesome to hear my daughter say “Mom, slow DOWN!!”

Bring it!  

Love to you all~



A Plethora of Internal Stuff From The Goddess Warrior On This Black Friday


Angel, Clouds, Fantasy, Heaven, Sky

As a child I never understood why today was known as “black friday” here in the states.  I would visualize a black dot in my mind and wonder if people went to the stores in search of the dot.  I participated in this insane tradition once and vowed “never again.”

I have stuck with that promise.

We know people who almost live for this day as do millions of others do as well.


Seriously, why?  What is so joyful about fighting traffic and crowds just to save a few dollars on something that is most likely not needed?

I would rather make some jewelry or scrubs as gifts and listen to classical music, alone.

But I did neither today.  Today wasn’t about spending.  It was about making money.  We did some work for our neighbor.  Raking leaves. Normally I can handle such work, but today was difficult.  My body felt heavy and I was absolutely exhausted.  To make the situation more challenging, the leaves and grass were very wet.  At first I laughed and thought “I wonder if people call in sick these days claiming they are having an Ascension day.”

One part of me was grateful for the work.  Gotta keep the money flowing while we still reside in this pay-to-live realm.  And another part of me was angry that I have to resort, at times, to physical work to make money.  And besides that, I’m too fucking brilliant, I told myself, to be doing work like this to sustain myself and my family.

We ALL are.  How many of us have done the grunt work?  The cleaning.  The playing the “assistant” role.  The waitressing.  Flipping the burgers.  The childcare worker.  Meanwhile many of us have awesome gifts, often of the artistic nature, that the system has said “only have room for a few to make it and if you want in, you gotta sell your soul or at least learn to be really quiet about what you see”.  And goddess knows many of us have brilliant ideas that would put the system out of business.  We know how to create Paradise.  No reason we cannot be getting paid and paid well for doing just that, right?

Of course.

About halfway into the project, as I continued to rake, I heard the voices of my mother telling me “you should be doing this for free.  After all, look at how much he has done for you!”  I argued back.  “Do you have any idea how many meals I cook for him?  For free?  The favors we already do for him?” The conversation went on for a few more minutes in my brain until my Warrior spoke up and said ENOUGH ~ reached up and into my mind, took the image of the voice of my mother, and strangled it until it was nothing more than a deflated balloon, which was then shot into the ether.

I returned to my work, more relaxed and empowered.

Later on I thought about my family and why I continue to feel the way I do ~ like I am not “good enough”.  I then thought of my own little girl and wondered if I would ever look at her and think “you’re not good enough”. Absolutely not!  What if she turned out like me?  Different.  Struggled to make money. Struggled with anxiety issues.  Would I judge her?  Pressure her?  Or would I love her even more and do whatever I could to listen to her, really hear her, support her and help her ~ as long as was necessary, as much as I could?

Yeah.  #2.

I read a quote today by Keanu Reeves.  “The truth is you aren’t depressed. You struggle to live with the reality we live in.”  Psychologists and therapists (which over the years I broke down into psycho-ologists and the-rapists) do nothing beneficial to help.  My brother-in-law’s girlfriend had an emotional breakdown earlier this year and was hospitalized.  The reason for her breakdown?  Chronic financial stress.  Was she loved? Supported?  Was she given the money she needs to alleviate the stress?  Of course not.  First of all the two weeks “off” made for a more stressful financial situation.  She was pumped full of pharmaceutical crap that is messing with her beautiful mind.  Oh and they can’t yet get the right formula to make her “normal”. Or silent, as I like to say.  Years ago, as I sat in front of one of these psycho-ologists, I spoke of how messed up the systems of this realm are.  I could tell I was frustrating her.  Finally she said “Yes.  Ok.  I get it.  I agree with you.  It really is all fucked up.” (And yes, she used the “f” word which also surprised me.)  Wow.  I had one of these folks agreeing with me.  So I then said “so then it is your job to help me be ok with who I am so that I can go back out there into that insanity and be ok.  Am I correct?”

She hesitated and thought for a few moments before replying “Yes, that is correct.”  To which I leaned forward and said “That’s not going to happen.” (meaning myself being ok with how it all is out there)

If the shoe fits, it fits.  If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.  You learn to live with the discomfort by walking your passion(s), often receiving criticism or apathy, but self-love and the deep abiding belief that you KNOW you share visions of Paradise enable you to share your ideas passionately, no matter how many or how little support you so that “out there” does begin to conform with what’s IN HERE.

And for me, it cannot happen soon enough.

And I know today I am not alone in that sentiment.  




Dreams Are Definitely Becoming More Interesting


New people.  New places.  New experiences.

Last night was a myriad of dream experiences in different spaces, places and with different people with the same theme:  I was making portal’s. Using my hands as the guiding tools I was making portal’s wherever I wished.  I even tossed a tennis ball into one.  I have no waking idea where it went.  If I find a tennis ball in my yard I will definitely post that here first.  lol

It felt natural and I was so calm doing this.  No emotion to it.  No surprise. No “WOW HOLY COW”.  Just calm.  Absolute.  In the last one, David Wilcock made an appearance and was showing approval with words I did not understand.  I just felt the energy of what he was sharing.

Those multi-dimensional experiences and our abilities are coming online.


Recent Sky Captures


All taken last Sunday (11/19).  Pretty beautiful and cool at the same time.  And if you zoom in on the 3rd one down, it appears to be one of those “cloudships” – a craft cloaked as a “cloud”.  (an unintentional capture, btw)  See them often these days.  Sometimes I don’t notice them until I upload the pictures.  

A Light Holiday Message


My family and I made the decision last year that instead of celebrating the typical Thanksgiving, Christmas, even Kwanzaa and Jewish holidays, we would celebrate Light Holiday.

Light Holiday, we came to feel, is a galactic, cosmic, universal term with the energy that is in resonance with Love and Light.  Liberation and Freedom.

For all.

In gratitude.

I wish you all Love, Light, Liberation and Freedom.

And I want to give you my deepest, purest, heartfelt “thanks” for the support you have shown me this year.  If it weren’t for ya’ll, I would not still be at it.  Truly, it has been and continues to be a deep feeling of honor that I do this work and know I have a beautiful little team of beautiful Souls who read and support with words and otherwise.  Ya’ll rock in my world!  



p.s. if you are like me you have already gotten into some pie.  i have a very strong will ~ unless it involves chocolate, cheese and/or pie.  or yum all three together!!

Anyone else having strange sleeping patterns??


Staying up until around 2am and sleeping until noon??!!  This has become a natural pattern for all of us in this house ~ and we just kinda slipped into it 10 days ago.  My mate and I have long been night owls – but staying up until 2am – without feeling crazy tired – was not the norm.  Not sure I want to continue this pattern but it seems to be the one our bodies are calling us to be in…