A Thought…

…sitting here suddenly purging some ancient emotions/thoughts/energies.

Watching a video with my mate on Mars when I had a thought – a new thought.

When we see these objects with our telescopes, binoculars, cameras (the sun and planets) what we are seeing is a projection of the REAL THING – captured ~ using high tech to “copy and paste” the image in this realm – to make us “believe” we’re really on this planet called earth in this galaxy system called the milky way made up of all of these planets.

Dropping the “screen” will reveal the REAL earth and the REAL realm(s) surrounding it.  Purely organic objects.  Nothing fake…

Just a thought I had that I am putting out there.

Mandela Effect, Time-Line Jumpin’ And Synchronicity OH MY!


I had two very powerful, wonky experiences within 30 minutes apart of each other.  And oh WOW do I have to share them with you!  I had just been telling my mate how I had read a Gregg Prescott (In5D) post on facebook yesterday and his experiences with vertigo and timeline jumps. I had on The Sound of Music for my girl and I to watch.  It was the end of the movie ~ the scene where The Captain and Ralph are in a moment of confrontation.  I have owned this particular DVD for over 2 years and have seen this movie at least 1-2x yearly since I was 6 years old.  Watching this movie as a young girl gave me the first experience of past-life recall.  I suddenly knew I had lived in or near Switzerland ~ certainly in the area where I could see The Alps.  I just knew in a moment I had lived there.  A visit with an Intuitive 25 some years later confirmed this when she said I had lived a life in Switzerland as a midwife.

So it was interesting tonight as I watched this scene, I noticed the background behind Ralph began to move and swirl.  I like the term “wonky”.  I had never seen this before so I called out my mate, returned to the scene and he witnessed it as well.  I played it for a third time and this time recorded it.  It is below.  It’s a bit harder to see given I recorded it and my hands were a little shaky but check it out.  In fact, if you OWN The Sound of Music go to this scene and see if your movie is showing this same scene.  It is indeed possible we are seeing a Mandela Effect in process.  A new timeline being formed and that particular scene is being changed.  Who knows, ya know?  I just experience these things and gather as much “proof” as I can to pass along to ya’all.

The next interesting experience came about 30 minutes later while in the shower.  Yeah, my sacred woo-woo space.  Suddenly the song “When The World is Running Down” by The Police goes through my mind – loudly.  I don’t think I have ever had that song run through my mind.  I actually like the song a lot but it is not one of those songs I “hear” in my mind.

As the song runs through my mind, I suddenly feel dizzy/woozy and I see the shower wall in front of me move back and forth ~ much like the scene in the movie I describe above.  I called for my mate and he jokingly says “it’s just the water in your eyes” to which I adamantly said “LOOK at my face.  I have no water on my face yet!”  I asked him if he was sensing anything at the time and he said “nope”.

All of this happened at around 8:25pm and 9:00pm Pacific time.

Of interest, the full title of the song by The Police is this:  “When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best of What’s Still Around.”

Synchronicity indeed (and no “synchronicity” to me that one of The Police’s best/most popular pieces is “Synchronicity” ~ funny how these things work sometimes!  Such a trip ~ I love it!).  Things lining up to shift BIG TIME.  The Matrix is crumbling.  Has crumbled.  And now we just make the best of what’s left until we jet on outta here into the new experiences of truth and freedom.


Energy/Experience Update



Had quite the dream last night.  I surrendered and felt myself drowning in water/sand.  Totally let it go as I knew I had no control.  If I drowned, so be it.  Interestingly enough I didn’t drown – just was in the middle of it as I was pulled out of the experience.  Working with a Shaman is bringing up the strongest levels of emotions ~ emotions I already knew I had.  Gonna do my first journey experience later this week.

Depths of emotions rising making me shake, tremble and want to move my body and be hugely expanded.

Either that or I am going crazy.  Take your pick at this point.

Seems the feelings of bliss increase as do those times where I feel I am losing my mind.

Bottoms of my feet hurt.  I just want to sleep.  Grocery shopping is on the list today as is doing yard work that has been put-off for a neighbor.

Sleep is much more uh I cannot come up with the word.  Desirable.  Yeah, that’s it.

Difficult to get the help I deeply need on this day as my mate feels worse (physically).

Yes, that was a brief moment of bitch and moan poor me.

If I am not authentic with myself at this point those things fester with the rest that remains within and I want ALL that does not serve me OUT.

That is all for now as my hands appear to not know how to move as my mind doesn’t know what words to use.



Thank you for your support of my work!

Today’s Experiences or “What is happening to me?”


Ok so perhaps I could change up the title.  Call it “what am I going through?!”  “What is happening to me” is a little too disempowering.

I walked around my house today and took in a lot of things.  Early in the year I began to let go of a lot of the normal household stuff.  The dusting. Moving things to clean.  Even the regular cleaning.  It has surprised me how easy this was for me to just relinquish to the Cosmos so that the Universal Cleaners could take over.

Yeah, well there is no such thing as a Universal Cleaner and until I have my new realm with the return of my abilities and means of keeping my personal space clean, it is up to my arms and legs to handle the cleaning.

Of which did I just not say, I haven’t done much of this year?

Poor house was telling me such today.  Normally I have been a very tidy, clean person.  Going back to childhood, that’s just how I roll.  Today I looked around my house and noticed cobwebs and strange looking things on my baker’s rack (wth??!!).

So the house had a thorough cleaning like it hasn’t seen in months.  At one point I heard a song that reminded me of my “homeland” and I am suddenly in tears, lying down on the floor, wanting out of this prison.

I am becoming clumsy.  My fingers and hands aren’t working like they normally do for the normal 3d things – washing dishes, picking up stuff, brushing my teeth.  Sometimes this makes me laugh ~ only when I can feel this is part of the process of graduating upwards through the layers, getting my beautiful precious physical body used to, once again, being at a higher frequency state.  OH HOW I AM SO NEEDING THIS!!!!  My heart bursts open with a longing I feel for nothing or no one else.  It is that strong of a longing.

When I am honest with myself, NONE of this realm resonates with me. And guess what?  It isn’t supposed to!  It’s all been a lie.  Consumerism. The frequencies coming out of our phones and television’s and microwaves.  The lies we are told about karma and lesson’s and how pain allows us to grow.

If I could wave my magic wand and put an end to the spells of illusion cast upon us by Archons ~ I would.

In fact, I DO have that power!

We ALL do!

Let’s use it!

I no longer agree to wait for the Event.  The Solar Flash.

I want my freedom NOW.

Take time every day, throughout the day, to command this inherent Right of Freedom be returned to us.  NOW.

It does not matter how you do this.  So many of you have written me with your suggestions after my last article (which I have been doing my own creating with daily and hope you are too!), which I asked for ~ and I thank you for this.  I was and am so touched and empowered to see and hear from so many of you as ready and willing as I am to get this illusion ended and our true home returned NOW!

I don’t think it is necessary for us to use the same words.  The same methods.

It is the FEELING experience we are looking to FEEL and send out to the Cosmos.  We are being guided out of here and indeed have amazing awesome help.  And yet we still “wait” on this Pulse of Energy to bring down the last veil.

Let us FEEL that energy.  Welcome it NOW.

Daily.  Throughout the day.

We had our lives stolen eons ago.  We were removed from our direct connection with Source.  We were tossed down here and trapped in lower frequencies.  Heck, this is why I feel SO MUCH LIKE ME when the Schumann spikes – and maintains her spikes.  There is simply no room for fear in those energy frequencies.  It feels like HOME to me now.

THAT experience is the original experience as gifted to – given to – each of us.  Not “earned”.  Just GIVEN.

That is what Love does.

Ascension is not something we earn.

It is our INHERENT WAY OF BEING.  We were ALWAYS “ascended” which to me just says we have a direct, unadulterated connection with Source.

It is, as a human being, our birth right.

If it is not about freedom, it is a lie.

If it contains ANY energies of judgment, it is a lie.

An archonic lie.

Let the beasts be gone.  Source will deal with them.  Not our “job”.

We now welcome in the Frequencies of Love.  The Event.  The Pulse.  The Solar Flash.

Cause girl is tired of having to use ancient tools to keep her space clean.

Much love to us all ~



Kauilapele Update ~ 10/7/17


This was for yesterday and was exactly my experience as well ~ only I ignored the desire and had the dog experience.  :::ahem:::   Still feel the same way today.  And am listening… so instead of writing my own piece, I’m doing the “lazy” thing (love his insight for this term) and sharing KP’s words.  As my late beautiful friend Susie used to say:  Don’t let anyone, including yourself, shit on you with the “should’s”.  


Today (the 10-6-17) was a complete un-connecting from what I had been doing, and essentially was a disconnect day from anything. I took no walks, no leaving the house, barely able to prepare anything to eat, and not doing anything.

Part of this has to do with an upcoming Energy work that has been “calling” for some time. I’m not really feeling “ready”… but sometimes I never do. I’m not looking anywhere beyond the next two days.

There are a lot of “planetary occurrences” been going on, and my interest in them has been essentially zero. And will likely remain that way for an indeterminate time. There will be such things happening, but this is what many of us have done our Energetic Works for. The dissolving of the old paradigms (and connected energy grids) combined with a massive uplifting of the “New Paradigm” energies of the planet. Old stuff is falling apart… New stuff is coming together… all because of that “Energetic Work” stuff we did. Stuff like that.

The next of my own parts in this comes very soon. And it is a key for the planet. That’s what I’m getting. And I’m not telling anyone, really, where it is, and when it will be. It is mine to do, and it is mine to BE on that journey.

There’s other things I could “report on”, but I’m feeling no draw to do so. Yes, some could say, “I’m just lazy”. And that would be correct. I’m “lazy” to do anything I’m not fully drawn to do. I don’t follow the “rules” like, “I should be posting 10 articles a day”, “I should be doing perfectly all the 3D organizational things”, “I should eat a certain way”, “I should take care of my 3D body in the standard Western medical way”… and a bunch of other things that the ego wants to put a “should” in front of.

I’m still releasing some of those ideas. I ain’t perfect… in those ways, at least.

We’ll see where all of this goes. The planet is going to be okay. I just know it.

Aloha, Kp

Sourced from here.

Today’s Energies ~ Taking This Time Seriously


After reading last night where lightworker’s are getting “distracted” (attacked), and after what happened today to myself and my child, I am seeing that it is not being fearful to be aware of such experiences.  While I continue to do energy work around “not in my reality/not in my world”, protecting myself before going out, I am seeing it is still necessary to stay alert and LISTEN to inner voice when it says “stay home” while still in this lower paradigm of lower parasitic idiots roaming around (for now).

I did not listen today.  I wanted to get out of the house.  Wanted to take my girl and go out in nature.  Do some meditations and just enjoy the scenery.  Of interest, on the way there, I had a sudden bout of stomach upset that forced me to turn around and go home.  It got better immediately so we went back out again.  Same thing happened.  I ignored it and kept going.

Sometimes the signals of the body are an alert to PAY ATTENTION.

So we head to a local walking/hiking/biking area.  We walk a ways, cross another road and head up another path.  As soon as we get to the top, my girl freezes and says “mom let’s go NOW”.  I look down the path and there’s a large dog – great dane.  Off leash.  No owner in sight.  It is staring us down.  No, I said to myself and outloud.  Great Dane’s are docile and gentle.  I call out for the owner and hear/see nothing.

I could feel the dog was trying to figure out what to do.  As I was sending it peace but also a sense of “I can be here too” it decided to run after us.

“RUN!” I told my girl who was already ahead of me running.  She clears it back across the street and is safe.  The dog is still chasing after me.  I’m running, yelling for the owner (and saying all sorts of beautiful words to accompany my yells), waving my water bottle at the dog.  I get to the end of the path – there are cars – I cannot cross just yet.  I turn around – the dog is still coming my way – slowly – barking – and I wave my bottle, yell at the dog.  I turn back around and see the cars have stopped – obviously seeing my predicament.  So I wave “thank you!” and jet on across the street.

It is at this time the owner calls for his dog.

My heart is pounding.  I am comforting my child.

I pull out my cell phone, yell at the owner who has casually decided to appear to stay put – I am calling the police.  He holds up his leash as if to show me “see I am leashing my dog” to which I yell “too late!  That dog is aggressive and should be on a leash at all times when in public!  I have a small child and she is traumatized because of your dog and I am too!”

The guy refused to comply with my wishes – which of course did not surprise me.  Irresponsible little coward.  No words from him either.  No apologies.  He just kept walking.  My call was answered – the guy had disappeared.  I reported it anyway and of course expected no results as I didn’t get a picture.  My phone is old and I have to go through 5 steps just to take a picture.  Given my hands were trembling strongly it is a miracle I was able to dial the police line.  And as I said to the woman on the phone who asked why I didn’t take a picture:  “getting myself and my child to safety across the street was my priority!”


We then head to a park – a safe park – children only.  We see one of the neighbor children who ends up hitting my girl in the stomach.  I was like that’s ENOUGH!  No playing with her.  The dad handled it – sort of.  The child was allowed to stay and play and there was no apology.  I would have handled it differently.

I have had it with dark energies.  I have had it with bullies.  I have had it with this entire lower bullshit of this realm.  It cannot crash soon enough for me.  I am ready to feel SAFE when I take my child out.

For now, given what I have read, if you’re Light – if you are peaceful and trusting that is – of which both my girl and I are – you may be a target right now.  I am not feeding that crap by letting myself believe it as my reality – but I am also not going to be in denial that there is still floating shit around looking to create a little fear.

And I will be listening to my body and inner voice when it says STAY HOME.  Not out of fear – but out of higher reasoning.

As I comforted my girl I told her new realm will not have these experiences.  They are not welcome in our reality.  People of higher vibrational thinking and behaving do not allow their dogs to behave in such a manner.

Until we shift on outta this realm, I just don’t want to be around the masses.  Certainly not during these high energy times.  And as much as I do not want to say this, I can not only sense when something is “off” about an adult or an animal, I can also sense it in children.  Purity does not know age I have come to accept.

Be alert.  Be grounded.  Be in your truth.  The ride continues…



Oh These Energies!


They keep on bringing up all of this STUFF.  I don’t want no more STUFF coming up.  lol  But that’s how it is and yes I am grateful for the opportunity taken to release.

I had a dream last night that brought forth a life long, old wound/issue that I have not visited in some time.  The focal point of pain was in my heart ~ no surprise there.  I awoke feeling so comforted in the pain that was being released, I was whimpering like a small child.

Within minutes I began to itch ~ a very common experience the past many weeks.  I was grumpy, on edge and knew at some point today I was going to have to take the time to be in my own space to hear the rest of the story.

I took the opportunity by taking my kiddo to the park and releasing her into the hands of a small group of girls.  I set myself up in the sun on a bench, put out my food, drink, drawing pads, colored pencils and journal. Picking up the journal I began to write.  And write.

And write.

Tears flowed big time.  I shivered and shook.  Nose ran.  I spoke out loud to myself.  (I do this quite often ~ as much as it has annoyed my mate at times it is simply what I must do.  Plus it’s a sign of deep intelligence and high IQ. Seriously.  Look it up.  lol)

It was a beautiful mess I was creating.  There were others around but I was obviously in a bubble of protection as not one person noticed me.

I was grateful for that.  Not that I would have cared.  I stopped caring about things like that quite some time ago.

As I wrote I was guided to bless everything.

Give thanks for everything.

I made a long list of things that have bothered me and pained me for so very long.  I blessed every one of the issues.

After doing so, the following came through me of which I decided to share:

the way home is inward
the first step is acceptance through blessing
then forgiveness through gratitude
and then change through allowing.

After that, my itching was gone.

And so it is on this day – whatever day that is.  


A Moment of Synchronicity


I believe I shared awhile back how I had an experience at the kitchen table, where a buzz of energy starting at my spine traveled up my back, into the back of my neck, head and then out the top of my head.  I then felt this energy literally pulling me up and felt buzzing light wonderful all over.  I then heard/felt “this is how it happens.”

I believe I may have also shared a friend of mine’s wife had the same experience on the same day (I believe it was on the same day – certainly it was the same week).

Well these things often happen in 3’s for me.  I was looking through another blog earlier this evening and saw a comment from one of the owners of the site who said the following:  “But for the first time, last night one of us (me!) finally felt what it’s going to be like: it’s a PULLING UP, with major tingles.”


So there ya go.  Three of us that I know of have had this same experience.

I love it when things line up like this!  I no longer need validation but it sure is nice to experience at times like this.  Perhaps that is why I continue to feel “buckle up” cause we’re going for a “ride” of the bestest kind.  

I have to pause and ponder though ~ what is this “it’s” experience.  Is it as some have said – the “event” occurs and we all literally rise up.  Is it what we experience when we traverse the space into the higher frequency dimension?  A mix of both?  Something else altogether?

I will chill with this one ~ let it swirl around and command an answer be forthcoming when all aligns for the answer.

A Collective Call To The Lightworkers ~ And All Else Who Resonate With This Message


In the middle of paying a bill to the debt criminals when I decided writing this was more important.

I awoke this morning with the strong urge to gather as many of us together energetically with the focus of putting an end to this matrix for good.  I read article after article, comment after comment of beautiful people waiting for this “end” this “shift” as though we have no control over it.



We are the Creator’s!

Reality is more malleable than it has been in a very long time so come on. Join in with me!

Let us make this shift together now.  Let us call forth an end to the matrix grid energies now.  This is OUR reality.  OUR experience.  OUR realm.


What do we want?  Do we want to continue on with the way things are going – with this shift seemingly to take far too long for us?  Or do we want to LET GO NOW and intend the end to this control NOW.

I opt for NOW.

And I hope you will join me in this.  This is not just some piece I write up and move on to something else.  This feels like a MISSION.  A mission to be created NOW.  Not some day down the road.

If you are with me, let me know as I am going to be holding myself and all accountable with our words ~ which must be impeccable at this point.  Not to sound like a dictator.  We have had enough of that.  I am saying do not agree to something – do not agree to this unless it resonates deeply within your heart.

This doesn’t need to be complicated.  Just setting some times throughout the day for a few moments – pause – and say the words and feeeeel the impact of them.  Something like “All energies of control are removed NOW.”  or “The matrix grid as we understand it is OVER NOW.”  Or “I bring down the matrix grid NOW!”  Or “I am FREE NOW!”  Then visualize and feel your life being completely free – in paradise.  Please offer suggestions too.  This is not about my ego so I have NO attachment to how this is done and am COMPLETELY open to hearing your suggestions.

And I am just one person.  One powerful person of course – just as you all are.  Together we can bring down the matrix with our thoughts alone. Months ago I heard “we can bring this down in a nanosecond together”.

So then let’s stop talking about it and DO IT already!

Who is with me?


~please share this with everyone on your social media pages and encourage them to share as well.  i want to make this global and i want to see it started/created asap.  


Gift From Sacred Tree


On my walk this afternoon, I decided to stop in and see my tree.  Like yesterday, I had this feeling there was no need to walk over to her.  It wasn’t as though she was saying “go away” – but today, the experience was one of I no longer needed to receive messages or validation from her. I have “graduated” from that need.  The only Being – human or otherwise – that I need to seek guidance from is Me.

Interesting too as I am listening to the last few minutes of the Cosmic Awakening Show with Michelle Walling and her friend Sonya and they are speaking as to this phenomena.  After this last shift in late August (eclipse), we no longer need to search outside of ourselves for answers. Not that we no longer need one another.  It is now that we can find what we need for ourselves within.  Tune into that and follow what flows.

I blew my tree a kiss, gave her thanks and went on my way.

And so it is.